Review: Marvel’s Star Wars #1: Skywalker Strikes

Skottie Young Star Wars Marvel Comics

Star Wars #1. Jason Aaron (Writer), John Cassaday (Artist). January 14, 2015. 44 pages.

“Take the shot!” Leia yelled into the comlink, desperately hoping that Chewbacca took the order without hesitation. The Wookiee aimed his weapon at Darth Vader and took the shot as commanded in Jason Aaron’s first issue of the new Marvel Comics comic book series Star Wars. Entitled “Skywalker Strikes” and with artwork by John Cassaday, the series kicked off after the events in Star Wars: A New Hope. Luke, Leia, Han, and other familiar rebels find themselves infiltrating a weapons factory with the intention of destroying it. Things quickly take a turn for our heroes in the 44-page comic, making for a thrilling and entertaining read. The first issue also contains preview pages for the upcoming Star Wars titles, Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

Without a doubt, Star Wars #1 evokes the feel and spirit of the original film without rehashing any of the events previously seen on-screen. It’s a brand new fight with well-known faces and dialogue. Each character got their own time to shine: Han and his grand entrance, Leia and her impressive left hook, Luke and his natural inclination to help those in need, Chewie providing cover up high and out of sight, and C-3PO…well, being C-3PO. Not everyone can capture the look of the original characters, but John Cassaday did remarkable work in emulating the likeness of the characters as well as the intricate costume details and ship designs, making it visually appealing and inviting to prospective readers–though, maybe not to every reader, particularly the younger crowd.

Comic books are a medium enjoyed by all ages, but many titles carry adult themes and content, especially violence. Star Wars is no exception, despite the story’s general appeal. There are a handful of scenes that stand out as heavy for the younger crowd, since the comic is mainly geared towards a teen and adult audience. That said, however, reading it is no different from seeing the movies or animated shows. If you, as a parent or guardian, are looking to have a younger member dive into the space adventure, the comic is a great start, but there are also plenty of other age appropriate Star Wars books and content that may be more engaging.

Amusing, set at a good pace, and satisfying to the end, Star Wars #1 was the perfect way to kick off this new age of Star Wars comics under the Marvel branch. When it was originally announced, I didn’t care much for the story and its setting because it was an area that was previously explored. Opinions change, however, and this comic does offer a refreshing change, especially for those looking to start on a new page and seeking a new adventure set in that time period.

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