Fashion Friday: DisneyBound’s Star Wars Outfits

DisneyBound, Star Wars Collection

You open up your closet in the hopes of putting together a geek chic outfit inspired by your favorite Disney character, but you realize that you don’t have anything to pull it off. That’s where DisneyBound comes in, a blog meant to guide and inspire Disney nerds looking to have fun with fashion.

Created by blogger and designer Leslie Kay back in April 2011, DisneyBound gradually turned its love for Disney into a fashion blog, kicking off its own Fashion Friday with an outfit inspired by Tangled. The blog received request after request and it consistently delivered, providing unique and creative ideas to take a favorite Disney character and modernize them with a stylish and affordable ensemble.

“My best friend and I were heading to Disney World, and we had been planning that trip since we were young,” she told the Orange County Register in September 2014, “I was using this blog as a way to channel my excitement because we were literally Disney-bound. So I started doing these outfits, which is something that I always did when I was a little kid . . . I could dress up in these clothes without it actually being a costume . . . In a couple of days, I was getting thousands of views, which I thought was a big deal at the time. Then, a couple of days later, it was tens of thousands. Two weeks later, I was on national television (Canada AM).”

Four years later, Leslie Kay’s Tumblr blog and Polyvore (a site that describes each piece and where to buy them) are still going strong, having branched out into Disney’s other brands, including Marvel and Star Wars.

Get the look at Polyvore! (Photo Credit: DisneyBound)

Before Disney even acquired Star Wars, Leslie was inspired to tackle the galaxy far, far away in May 2011 after working on a Koda outfit from Brother Bear. At the time, she kept wanting to spell Yoda and the idea to explore that collection was born. As promised, the Yoda outfit came a few days after, followed by outfits inspired by Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and many more.

My top five Star Wars collection outfits by DisneyBound:

  1. Ahsoka Tano (as seen above)
  2. Ewok
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  4. Padmé Amidala
  5. Boba Fett

Here’s hoping Leslie gets some requests to create outfits based on Star Wars Rebels and the future sequel films!

In the meantime, Leslie will be teaming up with Aubrey Hang, the Sports Marketing Community Manager for runDisney and ESPN Wide World of Sports, to offer quality fashion insights on upcoming events and speak at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expos. Keep up with her latest updates over at Twitter and Instagram.

Other interviews with Leslie Kay:

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  1. Where do you purchase the items

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