Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Visions of Hope

Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels episode: “Vision of Hope”.

We share our thoughts about Kanan being a teacher, Ezra’s ability to have control while losing control, Fulcrum and whether they’re a reliable contact, the return of Zare Leonis, Chopper’s cartoony scenes, Gall Trayvis and his betrayal, Hera’s keen intellect and her words about hope, and more!

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6 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Visions of Hope

  1. The Wolf Pack

    Hey it’s Nate. Just listened to your podcast on the episode. I loved it. Your mom and you are so funny its a big reason why I watch it, plus hearing your opinion on episodes and everything you guys say is always great to listen to especially your real life advice you guys give. Anyway, I loved the episode too and really like where the show is heading. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t sold but after I sat down and actually gave it a shot, I was hooked. They say that this show isn’t as dark as The Clone Wars, but it does have its moments, like Ezra using the dark side against the Inquisitor, plus Tarkin, but I don’t want to say anthing too much on him. Anyway, I’m starting to just blabber on about the show, so great podcast, keep it up, and hope for a happy ending for our heroes, hope nothing too dark happens in the season finale, but the rebels are really lucky to get where they are without being really scared, but with Tarkin now in the picture, I doubt that lasts.

    • Thanks so much, Nate! Reading this comment totally made my day. Truly appreciate that you leave feedback on a regular basis. Love reading what you have to say and the fact that you love the show just as much as we do! :D

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  4. Seth Green already did a “Robot Chicken” SW musical: “The Empire on Ice” was a faux SW “Ice Capades” (google “Ice Capades” youglings). I also wondered how Kallus knew Kanan’s name too. I think by the end of the episode it was just suppose to a heavy thing that now for sure the Empire have identified Ezra & Kanan (probably everyone else too one could assume, or at least the Empire is putting together solid intel on our heroes). Maybe we move off Lothal by season 2 because it’s too risky to hang around there anymore. This season is winding down after all. Love your show. You guys laugh so much! It is a fun show & I haven’t heard many fun SW podcasts, cool for sure, insightful definitely, but I love that you guys are those things too while at the same time not being overly serious about it like others (that I’ve heard at least). Of course SW is all about fun! This is why you are my favorite Rebels cast at present. Thanks for doing what you do & how your going about doing it. MTFBWY

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment, claymcq! I like having fun with Star Wars and so does my mom, so I’m glad you’re enjoying the show and that it’s your favorite at the moment! That really warms my heart! I love laughing and taking things easy, so it naturally comes up in everything I do. If we’re able to make you smile or laugh, then we’ve accomplished our goal to make people happy! :)

      Thanks so much for that heads up about the Robot Chicken musical! Looking forward to checking that out! Thanks again for leaving your sweet comment. May the Force be with you!

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