TWG February 8, 2015 Roundup

Star Wars Rebels “Call to Action” Previews

“Call to Action” airs Monday, February 9, on Disney XD. Two new clips were released to promote the upcoming episode. In the first clip, Grand Moff Tarkin arrives on Lothal with the objective to eradicate the rebel cell growing on the Outer Rim planet. In “The Jedi are Dead” clip, Tarkin addresses the topic of the Jedi and makes it clear that they are no longer in existence. (via GeekGirlDiva, EW Community)

Tarkin himself (actor Stephen Stanton) received praise for his performance.

“I want to thank everyone for all your support, kind words & pics you’ve been sending me!” he wrote over at his Facebook page. “I’m glad so many of you have seen it early–I have to wait until next Monday, but it sounds like we turned out one heck of an episode–and the season ain’t over yet!!”

Star Wars Rebels, Rebels Recon #11: Inside “Vision of Hope”

The Rebels Recon team took fans inside the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Vision of Hope”. Lucasfilm’s Joel Aron and Chris Voy discussed lighting in series and how nothing happens by accident. Everything is thoughtfully planned and carried out to make a scene more emotionally impactful.

“Lighting is something that needs to be thought of…from the very beginning to the very end of it,” said CG supervisor Joel Aron.

Andi Gutierrez also spoke to the Star Wars Rebels crew about the treacherous Gall Trayvis, but when the conversation shifted to Fulcrum, Dave Filoni said, “There are clues here and there that kind of lead you or distract you or mislead you because we know people are looking for stuff. So as much as we can put things that direct you in the right way, we can put things that mislead you and send you down the wrong path. And it’s just fun to hear what people are saying online.”

Jedi-Bibliothek Interview with Michael Kogge

Jedi-Bibliothek recently interviewed Star Wars Rebels author Michael Kogge about his experience writing Star Wars chapter books and novelizations.

“I did have freedom to expand on the stories and characters seen in the show, particularly in the novel based on the television movie, The Rebellion Begins. In that book, I added a prelude of sorts that helped connect some elements of the plot and also gave individualized introductions to the characters, much as Alan Dean Foster’s novel of the original Star Wars film did. I enjoyed describing the Wookiee cruiser—to my knowledge, the interior of a Wookiee vessel had never been explored in Star Wars fiction before.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen and the Star Wars Rebels Cast


(Photo Credit: Ferec)

Voice over actor Rob Paulsen, most commonly known as the voice of Pinky in Pinky and the Brain and Yakko in The Animaniacs, hosts a monthly audio podcast, where he interviews and talks with fellow voice actors in front of a live audience.

The Star Wars Rebels cast (Steve Blum, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, and Taylor Gray) joined the stage and talked about how they got their parts in the popular animated series, their separate and general experiences in voice over acting, and more. Steve also sings a song about Zeb!

Click here to listen to episode 122 (length: 1 hour and 15 minutes).

Visit Rob Paulsen Live for past episodes.

justJENN’s Hera Syndulla Cupcakes

justJENN's Hera Syndulla cupcakes
(Photo Credit: justJENN)

Remember when justJENN published a picture of those delicious Hera Syndulla cupcakes last week?

Jenn updated recently with the recipe and instructions she used to make them. If you’re looking to make other Star Wars inspired recipes for desert or a party, you may be interested in Jenn’s Star Wars Nutella Peanut Butter Truffles–the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day. You may also want to try Princess Leia Cupcakes with Oreo buns!

Jenn has an assortment of Star Wars recipes over at her website, including C-3PO Ice Cream Sandwich, AT-AT Cookies, Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes, and Star Wars Chewbacca Donuts.

Visit her domain and become inspired!

Quiz: Which Star Wars Alien Are You?

There are plenty of Star Wars quizzes scattered throughout the Web, but shares with fans an official quiz to determine which alien species you belong to based on the answers you select. Their first quiz in January tested fans’ knowledge of Star Wars droids.

I’m proud to say that I got Jar Jar Binks! He may be clumsy, but he always has a great, positive outlook.

Take the quiz here and come back to share your results!

LEGO Star Wars Rebels Mini Movies

LEGO recently released two Star Wars Rebels mini movies. In the first, we see the Inquisitor take his position in the new TIE Advanced Prototype. In the second video, the Inquisitor uses this latest vehicle to stop Kanan from rescuing a group of enslaved Wookiees on Kessel.

Paul S. Kemp Briefly Talks About Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

Author Paul S. Kemp provided some insight over at his Facebook into the thought process behind writing Darth Vader in the upcoming Del Rey novel, Star Wars: Lords of the Sith, currently available for pre-order.

“I was thinking about the book today and trying to articulate the way that I thought about Vader throughout the writing. In the end, I think I had two touchstones,” he wrote. “First (and I wrote this in all-caps at the top of the blank page when I first starting writing the book): VADER IS ALWAYS MENACING! ALWAYS! Second, I kept in mind that Vader is a monster. Perhaps an understandable monster, but a monster nevertheless.”

Read more about Star Wars: Lords of the Sith over at his personal site.

Star Wars #1 Sketches by Tom Hodges

Professional artist Tom Hodges has been sketching away at the blank cover variant of Star Wars #1. He recently finished and shared sketches of Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren on the cover. Although the Sabine cover is no longer available for purchase, the Hera sketch is available at his Etsy store for a limited time. Check out more of his work over at his deviantART and Instagram.


“Vagabond Ahsoka” by Charles Tan

Sometimes you come across a piece of art that simply takes your breath away. Charles Tan’s “Vagabond Ahsoka” does just that, depicting an older version of the fan favorite Togruta in rough terrain outerwear and a few scars strewn here and there.

(Image Credit: Charles Tan)

Star Wars Rebels Character Appearance Rumors (Potential Spoilers Below)

Speaking of Ahsoka Tano, it’s rumored that she, Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine will appear in the second season premiere of Star Wars Rebels, according to Star Wars fan site Further evidence from Rebels Report suggests that the French actor who originally voiced Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars will return to reprise her role in Star Wars Rebels as the mysterious character Fulcrum.

Han Solo is also rumored to be part of the second season, according to The Bearded Trio. Lots of conversation broke out after the rumors surfaced, but we must all keep in mind that nothing is certain until confirmed by Lucasfilm via or its affiliates.

Hera Syndulla Cross-stitch by Parvumautomaton

Tumblr user Parvumautomaton returned with a brand new cross-stitch of fearless pilot Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels. Turns out, the character is their favorite in the series!

(Photo Credit: Parvumautomaton)

Preparing for the Season Finale of Star Wars Rebels

Longtime Lucasfilm Publicist Tracy Cannobbio was recently working on public relations plans related to the Star Wars Rebels season one finale. The Star Wars Celebration site describes the episode as “startling”, so we can only imagine where the writers plan to go with our heroes during the last episode of the season.

Links: Roundups and Articles

  • Tricia Barr shared the latest content from fellow Star Wars fangirls over at FANgirl Blog, “Thoughts From Some Of My Favorite Fangirls“.
  • Kay gathered fangirl news and contributions from the month of January over at Star Wars Report‘s “Women of Star Wars“.
  • Actor Vanessa Marshall talked about fandom and her role as Hera Syndulla on Star Wars Rebels over at the Daily News.
  • A giant Star Wars snow sculpture was built in Japan to kick off the annual Sapporo Snow Festival. Read more about it at Kotaku.
  • Take a look inside Salvador Larroca’s art in the upcoming comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader over at Marvel.

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