MFEO: Five Star Wars OTPs That Make Our Hearts Melt

Star Wars OTP Featured Image

MFEO? OTP? These acronyms are part of the vocabulary of every fangirl shipper. Words like “feels” and “flail” accurately express our general excitement for fandom related activity as well as our bursting-out-of-the-skin emotions whenever our OTP (One True Pair) stare at each other or touch each other in a way that sends us reeling for days. Experiencing the OTP feels often leads to fan fiction writing, roleplaying, GIF making, fan art sketching, and a variety of other expressive methods that help declare our undying love. Other times, when an OTP are obviously MFEO (Made For Each Other), you just can’t even.

The Star Wars fandom is chock-full of ships, including everything from canon, Legends, and original character pairings, but the writers at The Wookiee Gunner narrowed the list down to their top five OTPs. The relationships don’t exist in the canon universe, but they exist to warm our hearts.

(Credit: Disney, Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm)

Rex/Ahsoka Tano (Rexsoka)

Known as Captain and Commander, Rex and Ahsoka watch each other’s back. They even said as much in the novelization of the feature film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Most people don’t get the ship and many more are straight up against it, but my shipper heart skips a beat whenever the two come to mind–thoughts that happen far more often than you suspect. I’m a hopeless romantic and a sucker for friendships blossoming into romance, especially post Order 66, when the ideal shipper desire is to see them living out their days together on a backwater planet. Though the two characters barely shared screen time (a real shame, since a Rex and Ahsoka arc would have made a great story and good additional content for my Rexsoka Tumblr blog), Rexsoka shippers frequently turn to Star Wars Legends for hints of their relationship here and there. My favorite quote comes from Karen Traviss’ No Prisoners, “You know what your bosses say about attachment, littl’un. Don’t get too attached to me.”

Atin Skirata/Laseema

(Credit: Laseema by Krad-Eelav)

It’s no secret that my favorite Star Wars novels are the Republic Commando books by Karen Traviss. From Darman and Etain to Kal Skirata and Nyreen Vollen, the series is a gem for fangirl shippers. My heart went out to every character and pairing, but one OTP that often remained in the background deserves the spotlight for a change. Atin was a stubborn and emotionally damaged clone commando. His former commanding officer tore into the skin of his face as punishment for grieving about being the only one of his squad to survive the first Battle of Geonosis. Laseema was a waitress at Qibbu’s Hut on Coruscant, a blue skinned Twi’lek who also bore her own scars. She admired Atin from a distance and felt she had something in common with him due to his damaged skin. The two grew closer together and eventually married later on in the series. There’s something about two damaged people finding comfort and love in each other that always warms my heart, and for that reason, Atin and Laseema are one of my favorite OTPs.

(Credit: Disney, Lucasfilm)

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padmé Amidala (Obidala)
Selected by Saf

Obidala is something I’ve loved against all odds, ever since rediscovering my love of Star Wars back in 2012. It started off as a joke aimed at my roomie, then descended into me falling in love with the rare interactions between the two. There’s something about ships that will never become canon that just hooks me. It helps that they’re two of my favourite characters. Padme and Obi-Wan are both similar in their shared beliefs of the Republic and of hope, and they are both caught up in the whirlwind that is Anakin’s bright life. The two don’t interact much, not even in the novels, but I can’t help but get excited when they do. While it’s more of a “what if”/AU ship for various reasons, it’s something I love with all of my heart. They are such strong people who have poured their hearts into their duty and have such strong compassion and love for those they protect and fight for, be it in the battlefield or the Senate. It would be a tender, safe, soft love and it would be something that they could both walk away from if required. I love these two so much, I was even inspired to make a fanmix for the ship!

Baron Valen Rudor/Hera Syndulla (Pilot Shipping)
Selected by Elisa

(Credit: Hera and Valen by lledra)

Even though I love Kanera, I cannot stop myself from loving this rare ship just as much, if not a little more. There’s something about the Empire vs. Rebel tension that really grabs my attention. It’s the classic “opposites attract” match and it’s the angst that surrounds it that really make it stand out in my list of OTPs. Having only heard her voice and seen her skill, I like to think Rudor created an elaborate fantasy about a human woman pilot being used by the rebels and only him being capable of saving her from them. When he learned that Hera was not only willingly part of the rebel group, but that she was also a Twi’lek, his fantasies were shattered. Even after discovering the truth, his thoughts of this beautiful pilot didn’t go away. As a hopeless romantic, I love the idea that, if given the opportunity, Hera would show an Imperial the truth about the Empire they serve in order to gain another ally. In the process, though, she’d discover that she was also attracted to him, giving her a fair share of internal conflicts.

(Credit: Disney XD, Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm)

Kanan Jarrus/Hera Syndulla (Kanera)

The greatest thing about the concept of an OTP is that they don’t have to be romantically involved. An OTP can be two people who are so in sync with each other that they can be considered drift compatible. In the case of Kanan and Hera, there is no denying the unbreakable friendship and bond between them. Some choose to see them as best friends and comrades, but many more have labeled them the Space Married couple. Kanan was immediately attracted to Hera in Star Wars: A New Dawn, and even though the intensity of his feelings and flirtatious approach have died down, there is no doubt in our minds that he continues to deeply care for her. And despite Hera’s one-track mind and keeping her heart focused on the overall mission, she also cares for him just as deeply. This OTP’s devotion to each other transcends physical love, making them true rebels in that they don’t necessarily follow the status quo.

Do you have a favorite OTP? Share it in the comments section below.

6 comments on “MFEO: Five Star Wars OTPs That Make Our Hearts Melt

  1. yodalicious

    I love Obikin

  2. I like Sabine and Obi-Wan. I love how he defied orders in an attempt to save her and refused to give in to the dark side to do so. Plus, I love their banter.

  3. Jon Hodges

    Awesome :) I love seeing new pairings :)

    Star Wars couples are awesome :)

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