Fashion Friday: Star Wars Rebels Custom Shoes

Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

Cartoon and geek themed shoes are hard to come by, especially if you’re an adult looking to express your fandom through a good pair of kicks. That’s where a bit of creativity and crafts come in to play!

Meet Gigi! She is a mom of three children and loves crafting, painting, and other various hobbies. She loves clothes and fashion, and given her love for repurposing items, she set up her own shop over at Instagram to sell a range of fashionable products, including custom painted shoes for children. Her recent pairs feature the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and DC superheroes, but the shoes that caught my attention? Her Star Wars Rebels canvas shoes!

(Photo: shopgigi)

She customizes them, and anyone who’s interested can direct message her through Instagram for more information about sizes and prices. The Star Wars Rebels shoes were customized for another Instagram user, but anyone looking to make their own pair can request them from Gigi or you can try to tackle the project on your own!


There are a variety of DIY (do it yourself) tutorials out there, such as Miss Melis’ shoe painting tutorial at deviantART, an alternate tutorial by Toasts, or the instructions laid out by The Chic Manual. If you’re a fangirl looking to start simple with a pair of flats, visit Empress of Dirt. If you’re interested in customizing leather shoes, check out Cecily’s tutorial over at, where she made a pair of dinosaur shoes for her nephew! There is no limit to the imagination. I look forward to making my own pair of Star Wars shoes in the near future, so have fun customizing your own pair!


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