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NEW “Cosplay For Jedi” Character Hat: Ahsoka Tano

Cosplay For Jedi

Something new and exciting is coming to Cosplay For Jedi! Owned by Star Wars fangirl Alison Berrios, Cosplay for Jedi is an Etsy shop that specializes in creating Star Wars inspired character hats and other products.

We recently interviewed Alison about her shop, the process behind making her popular Twi’lek lekku hats, and much more. She also hinted at some upcoming projects, one of which we have the honor of debuting right here!

(Photos: Alison Berrios)

“This is the new character hat inspired by Ahsoka’s appearance in Fire Across the Galaxy,” Alison said. “It took a lot of love, but there may still be some adjustments to make. I decided it was time after viewing the last episode of the season of Star Wars Rebels.”

The finale of the popular Disney XD animated series aired March 2, 2015, and brought back the fan favorite character. Once known as the apprentice to Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka left the Jedi Order in the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, leaving her story open for future storytelling opportunities.

“The episode was so incredible,” she said, when asked about her thoughts about the finale. “My son and I were screaming and shrieking! When Chopper went up that ramp with the four guards, we knew the secret of Fulcrum’s identity was about to be revealed! We both instinctively jumped off the couch and waited, holding our breath! Then, Bail Organa made his appearance, and for a second, I was totally let down. Then, BAM! Ahsoka came down the ladder, and once we saw it was her, it was mayhem in our living room. I had the biggest fangirl flail in the universe and my son was super excited as well! It was everything I think most fans were hoping for!”

Made of flannel, love, and the force! The head band is made of a burgundy vinyl. The hat was hand stenciled and painted. There will be a limited quantity of the new Ahsoka Tano character hat for Star Wars Celebration and Star Wars Weekends. Place your order today!

Keep up with Alison’s latest updates by following her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Make sure to visit her Etsy store on a regular basis to find the latest Star Wars inspired cosplay hats and hoods.

3 comments on “NEW “Cosplay For Jedi” Character Hat: Ahsoka Tano

  1. I always thought it was Bail Organa so when I saw that it was Ahsoka I was totally blown away too. I definitely did a little scream and jumped.

    • I think I’m still flailing over this reveal, haha! Sorry for the late reply! Trying to catch up with everything, hehe! I can’t wait for season two!

  2. Really nice post. I’m very excited for this year’s Star Wars Celebration. You can check out my article here. Maybe you can go there with your cosplay. Thanks for sharing!

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