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Six Artists Drawing a Year of Star Wars

Sudi and Ezra "Afternoon Rest" by lledra-fanstuffs

Everyone knows 2015 is the year of Star Wars. Whether it’s a digital counter ticking away on your computer or scratching off a day on the wall calendar, fans are counting down the days to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are some, however, who’ve taken up the challenge of drawing Star Wars every day in celebration of all the new content we’ll be getting this year.

The Force Awakens With Coffee

Instagram user lindsaytron9000 draws a Star Wars cup every day! Kicking it all off with the Death Star, Lindsay has drawn various characters and creatures of the Star Wars universe using vibrant markers. Some of my favorites include Bo-Katan (seen below), Ziro the Hutt, and Cloud City. Check out #TheForceAwakensWithCoffee hashtag for the rest of the countdown.

(Photo: lindsaytron9000)

Pic of the Day

Freelance illustrator Rick Celis draws a new picture based on fan suggestions (I kindly asked for Bo-Katan about two months ago) and themes, such as bounty hunters, droids, and his latest “Han Solo Quotes” collection. Find more of his “Star Wars Picture of the Day” series over at Instagram.

(Photo: Rick Celis)

365 Pieces

“After watching the teaser for Episode 7, it sparked so much enthusiasm that I had to create a tribute to the Star Wars universe we love so much,” wrote Sam Skyler, a freelance artist and cosplayer. “I want to show my admiration the best way I know how, and that is through art. On this day, next year, December 18, Star Wars 7 will be released! And every day for a full year, I will be creating a Star Wars piece.”

Sam has drawn a variety of sketches and detailed paintings, my favorite being her heart series. You can find more of Sam’s art over at Instagram.

(Photo: SamSkylerArt)

Sketch Wars

Nick Diak started counting down back on November 17, 2013, with Ponda Baba as his first sketch in an impressive 760-day countdown. Through his sketches, Nick supports a great cause known as Sketches 4 Water. He also recently appeared in an episode of the ForceCast. Find more of his Star Wars sketches over at Tumblr and make sure to contribute to the cause and help others get access to clean water.

(Photo: Sketch Wars)

Darth Days

In anticipation of the sequel film, cartoonist George Folz re-imagines a scene from the old trilogy as a comic book panel every day. One of my favorites is Luke staring off into the sunsets on Tatooine. Keep up with George’s comic book panels over at Twitter and at his personal site.

(Photo: George Folz)

A Year of Star Wars

Last but not least, our very own contributor, Elisa Ardell, has her own series of sketches featuring familiar characters and some of her own original creations. Elisa beautifully captures unique aspects of the Star Wars universe, always thinking outside the box and giving her fans something refreshing and new. Find more of her creations over at her art blog.

(Photo: lledra-fanstuffs)

Do you have a favorite artist who’s counting down with sketches and art? Leave their name or a link in the comments section below.

5 comments on “Six Artists Drawing a Year of Star Wars

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  2. TimAndersonArt on Instagram- really great Star Wars pieces, also doing a year of Star Wars

  3. Jon Hodges

    Very nice :)

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