Fashion Friday: Her Universe’s Celebration Sneak Peeks

Ashley Eckstein

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is in three weeks and Her Universe herself has promised fans that a brand new collection of Star Wars clothes will debut at the big event, including new Star Wars Rebels designs. Located at booth #934, the Her Universe section will also have dressing rooms for fangirls to try out the sizes prior to purchase. When asked what kinds of items the collection will contain, Ashley replied, “Pin-up/50’s style dresses, cardigans and skirts. Get your petticoats ready! Very Dapper Day!”

Since then, some of those products have appeared in sneak peeks throughout Her Universe’s various social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

On March 17, Ashley gave us a preview of the new lightsaber-font Star Wars t-shirt and lightsaber gathered skirt from a Kelsey Edwards photo shoot. And on March 20, Ashley took a picture of herself wearing a X-wing cardigan.

The fangirls (and fanboys) went wild!

For the shirt/skirt duo, some of the comments ranged from “Okay this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure I *needs* it” to “Dude I’m a guy and I need this.”

The cardigan also received lots of love with wonderful comments, such as “Totally just texted boyfriend ‘MY BIRTHDAY IS IN MAY!’ with a link to this picture” and “This has USO/DapperDay outfits written all over it! Can not wait to own this one.”

Fans going to Celebration will also find “Ahsoka Lives” t-shirts (which are currently sold out online) and cupcakes!

Looking forward to visiting the Her Universe booth, seeing fangirls flail, and supporting my favorite Star Wars fashion shop! With three weeks left, be sure to visit back for additional updates as more sneak peeks are bound to pop up.

4 comments on “Fashion Friday: Her Universe’s Celebration Sneak Peeks

  1. LOVE the skirt! I would totally wear that.

    • RIGHT!? Oh man, I am LOVING Her Universe’s skirt, sweater, EVERYTHING! I can’t wait for Celebration and for these babies to go online for everyone else to purchase!

      • I bought the long sleeve simple star wars shirt for Celebration since I’m always cold and I can’t wear my Old Republic Jedi costume every day. Can’t wait to see what else she has!

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