TWG March 30, 2015 Roundup

Star Wars hair art by blondsaurus

Star Wars Rebels

Cosplayers and artists looking for more official colors guides, Dave Filoni shared shades and hues of some of our favorite Imperials and Ahsoka Tano.

Freelance journalist and writer Lucas Siegel wrote about the five things he wants to see in the second season of Star Wars Rebels, my favorite being Ahsoka training Ezra and Kanan. Inspired by that article, TWG contributor Elisa also wrote a brief list of her fangirl wishes, including seeing ex-clone troopers and female stormtroopers. Lucas also wrote his first post over at, “6 Way Star Wars: The Clone Wars Changed the Star Wars Mythos“.

Although Ahsoka Tano lost to Obi-Wan Kenobi in the “This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament”, Dave Filoni and fans celebrated her victory against the other characters in her group during the play-in stage. To show his appreciation for all those who voted, he drew an Ahsoka-inspired Loth-cat.

“Congratulations to Ahsoka Tano and her huge win over Luke Skywalker in the play-ins! THIS IS MADNESS!!! The Lothcats are going crazy!” (Photo: Dave Filoni)

The Star Wars Rebels cast and crew had a season one wrap party at Rancho Obi-Wan last weekend, and there were awesome Rebels cupcakes!

In addition to the Star Wars: Card Trader app by The Topps Company, you can now download the new Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions game, “Take on 4 FREE levels of battle against the Empire as Ezra Bridger, dodge TIE fighters, blast stormtroopers, and drive an Imperial AT-MP. With in-app purchases, wield a Lightsaber, fight Star Wars bosses, drive an AT-DP, and unlock 30 more levels and 50+ unique challenges.”

(Photo: Lucasfilm,


The paperback version of Star Wars: A New Dawn contains a new canon timeline of Del Rey novels. One of the titles currently catching people’s attention is Battlefront. Bearing the same font as the other novels and not expressed as a “video game”, many suspect this is a tie-in novel to the upcoming Star Wars game of the same name.

For a complete timeline, check out Jason Hamilton’s official and Legends timelines.

(Source: Jedi-Bibliothek)

Aftermath is also a new novel coming out later this year. Part of the “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens” publishing programming (as originally announced by EW), this new book written by Chuck Wendig will focus on the events following the destruction of the second Death Star. The cover was created by Scott Biel, the art director at Del Rey Books. Other titles being released in September include a variety of children’s books and YA novels, such as:

  • Lost Stars (Disney-Lucasfilm Press)
  • Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo Adventure (Disney-Lucasfilm Press)
  • The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure (Disney-Lucasfilm Press)
  • Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure (Disney-Lucasfilm Press)
  • Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (DK)
  • Star Wars:Journey to the Force Awakens (Marvel Comics)
  • Star Wars: Journey to the Force AwakensC-3PO (Marvel Comics)
  • Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy (Studio Fun International).

Many are worried that the books will contain spoilers for the highly anticipated sequel. However, that won’t be the case, according to Mary Ann Zissimos at Disney Publishing Worldwide.

Star Wars Kidscast pointed out that Star Wars will be jumping into the world of Young Adult fiction, “Teens may want to read about what teens really do in the Star Wars universe, and that’s an area where Star Wars fiction has seldom gone. Traditionally Star Wars books focusing on teen characters are intended for kids 8-12, known as ‘middle grade’ readers to the publishing world.” The YA novel, Lost Stars, will be written Claudia Gray. She wrote up her thoughts about writing the novel over at her personal site. The description is as follows:

This thrilling Young Adult novel gives readers a macro view of some of the most important events in the Star Wars universe, from the rise of the Rebellion to the fall of the Empire. Readers will experience these major moments through the eyes of two childhood friends—Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell—who have grown up to become an Imperial officer and a Rebel pilot. Now on opposite sides of the war, will these two star-crossed lovers reunite, or will duty tear themand the galaxyapart? Star Wars: Lost Stars also includes all-new post-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi content, as well as hints and clues about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making this a must-read for all Star Wars fans.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to pick up a copy of Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks, the sequel to Servants in the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy. The book follows the story of Zare Leonis during the time of “Breaking Ranks” in Star Wars Rebels. Jason Fry talks about the thrilling new novel over at Although there was an issue with the digital release of the book, the novel is now available for Kindle devices and apps.

An adorable set of books is headed our way. Written by brothers Jack and Holman Wang, the Star Wars Epic Yarns books recreate iconic scenes with needle felt dolls for younger children. Those headed to Anaheim for Star Wars Celebration may want to check out the “May the Force be With You: Learn to Needle Felt a Star Wars Figure” workshop on Brookhurst Street.

CNET revealed the cover for William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh: Star Wars Part the 2nd by Ian Doescher. All three prequel books by Doescher (Phantom of Menace, The Clone Army Attacketh, and Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge) will be released by Quirk Books throughout the year.

(Photo: Quirk Books)

Heir to the Jedi made the New York Times Best Sellers list at #17 and it will also go into a second printing, so many congratulations to Kevin Hearne and Del Rey!

Lords of the Sith by Paul Kemp will be released on April 28 with cover art by Aaron McBride. The 50-page excerpt is also now available, so find it over at Jedi-Bibliothek. Additionally, following the reveal of the first LGBT character, Moff Delian Mors, a rumor that she will jump from Lords of the Sith to the screen surfaced over at Cinelinx.

“This week, we have finished book jackets, featuring the stunning cover art by Aaron McBride.” (Photo: Star Wars Books)

Dark Disciple has a full synopsis, as seen below.

Based on unproduced scripts from the blockbuster TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

The only way to bring down the dark side’s most dangerous warrior may be for Jedi and Sith to join forces.

In the war for control of the galaxy between the armies of the dark side and the Republic, former Jedi Master turned ruthless Sith Lord Count Dooku has grown ever more brutal in his tactics. Despite the powers of the Jedi and the military prowess of their clone army, the sheer number of fatalities is taking a terrible toll. And when Dooku orders the massacre of a flotilla of helpless refugees, the Jedi Council feels it has no choice but to take drastic action: targeting the man responsible for so many war atrocities, Count Dooku himself.

But the ever-elusive Dooku is dangerous prey for even the most skilled hunter. So the Council makes the bold decision to bring both sides of the Force’s power to bear—pairing brash Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos with infamous one-time Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress. Though Jedi distrust for the cunning killer who once served at Dooku’s side still runs deep, Ventress’s hatred for her former master runs deeper. She’s more than willing to lend her copious talents as a bounty hunter—and assassin—to Vos’s quest.

Together, Ventress and Vos are the best hope for eliminating Dooku—as long as the emerging feelings between them don’t compromise their mission. But Ventress is determined to have her retribution and at last let go of her dark Sith past. Balancing the complicated emotions she feels for Vos with the fury of her warrior’s spirit, she resolves to claim victory on all fronts—a vow that will be mercilessly tested by her deadly enemy . . . and her own doubt.

Finally, make sure to pick up a copy of Draw Star Wars Rebels from The Editors of Klutz. It features illustrations by popular Star Wars artist Grant Gould.

“Whooo! Look what I got in the mail today. :) I finally get to see what the book looks like. (‘Draw #StarWars #Rebels’ — now available in bookstores & Amazon — 90 pages of fun for kids — featuring illustrations by me.) I’ll have a few copies at my table at SW Celebration in Anaheim next month. If I have any left after the show, then I’ll offer ’em up online.” (Photo: Grant Gould)


Check out the line art details and ink art of Princess Leia #2 and its cover by Rachel Dodson. She uses Windsor Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable #2 Brush and Higgins Black Magic Ink.

(Photo: Terry Dodson)

Stuart Immonen teams up with Jason Aaron as the artist for the Star Wars ongoing comic book series. We’ll see his art starting with Star Wars #8.

(Photo: Stuart Immonen,

Mark Hamill promoted Free Comic Book Day 2015 in a recent video. On May 2, 2015, comic book stores around the country will be participating in the annual event of giving away free comic books. Hamill, popularly known for voicing the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, encourages everyone to attend!

George Lucas visited my local bookstore, Midtown Comics. Listen to the experience in Episode 33 of the Midtown Comics Podcast. released a 5-page preview of Kanan: The Last Padawan, set to be released on April 1, 2015. Also, check out the additional variant covers that have been released since our last roundup. A fan pointed out that the Kilian Plunkett variant cover resembles the poster of For a Few Dollars More, a movie starring Clint Eastwood. also confirmed that Kanan: The Last Padawan #1 reached over 100,000 in sales.

Check out ComicFrontline’s E-Panel with Greg Weisman, where he talks more about Kanan: The Last Padawan.

Left: The cover for issue #3 of Kanan: The Last Padawan was released in the Marvel solicitations for June 2015.

Center: Artist Ingo Römling created a new character for an upcoming comic. The title and release date of this comic remain unknown, but it could be for his next Star Wars Rebels comic in the Star Wars magazine from Germany. debuted the cover of Shattered Empire #1 drawn by Phil Noto, Marvel’s contribution to the “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens“.

Marvel editor Jordan D. White reached out to fans via Twitter. Send out your letters soon! “Star Wars fans! We want to start letters pages in our comics! Let us know your thoughts at and mark them ‘OK to print’!”

Fan Creations

(Photo: The Dorky Diva)

Star Wars fangirl and 501st Legion member Savanna Kiefer launched her new blog site,! There, she’ll be posting personal thoughts, interviews, and write-ups of her projects. Read up on how she created a clone trooper armor suit for her boyfriend and an interview with Star Wars fan Michael Bert about the new Star Wars costume exhibit in Seattle.

Left: Bria at White Hot Room (you can also find her at Tosche Station) created a fun nail art tutorial with Mandalorian helmets. As a Mandalorian fangirl myself, I can’t wait to try this out. Find the tutorial over at White Hot Room.

Right: Blondsaurus created an awesome tutorial about adding Star Wars art to your hair! It involves using washable hair spray paint, creating your own stencils, and going Sabine-style on your hair. Find the tutorial over at her site.

Left: Amy Ratcliffe made her own Star Wars Rebels jacket with the Phoenix symbol! Check out Amy’s detailed tutorial over at Geek with Curves.

Right: The fangirl power continues with Savanna Kiefer, who also created her own Sabine Wren shirt using Tulip fabric paint. If you’d like to have your own shirt, she’s accepting custom orders and recently posted a variety of awesome shirts.

Left: Parvumautomaton returns with another awesome cross-stitch of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars Rebels. Check out the rest of her Star Wars cross-stitch creations!

Right: Star Wars Kidscast tweeted a tutorial published by Repeat Crafter Me in 2014 for May the Fourth. The Princess Leia yarn wig is absolutely adorable, easy, and fun to do.

Left: HouseOrgana has an spectacular collection of t-shirts over at Redbubble. Their latest additions include shirts of Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels.

Right: Check out these awesome affordable lightsaber hilts by SaltLakeSaberCo! For the casual cosplayer or fan, these might do the trick, and it’s even more wonderful knowing that a portion of the proceeds go to ASPCA. Visit their Etsy shop!

Left: Star Wars Rebels fan Casey Cotter got an awesome Rebel Phoenix tattoo. In a tweet, Casey thanked Eric Steen for the incredible design.

Right: At Indiana Comic Con, Amy Ratcliffe found an awesome fangirl dressed as Sabine Wren. I love it when parents/guardians help craft costumes with younglings in the family!

Left: A teacher held a lightsaber design contest to win a copy of Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. The students came up with fantastic designs. Check out the rest here! (via Del Rey Books)

RightThe Verge recently published an article about an artist, Maria A. Aristidou, who uses coffee as a way to make Star Wars art. Find more of their art over at Instagram.

(Photo: Kablob)

Alex Anderson (a.k.a Kablob) joined forces with artist Boban to create an awesome new fancomic, Death of a Jedi, starring Barriss Offee and set just before Revenge of the Sith.


Sandra Dimas at The Prose and Cons interviewed Matthew Sommers of the Mandalorian Mercs and the 501st Legion at Long Beach Comic Expo (LBCE).

The Nerdist‘s Amy Ratcliffe spoke to Ashley Eckstein about Ahsoka Tano’s appearance in Star Wars Rebels, her thoughts about the second season, her interactions with the rest of the group, and more.

Lucas Siegel interviewed Del Rey Star Wars Books editor Shelly Shapiro over at She talked about the recently released Heir to the Jedi and the upcoming novels Lords of the Sith and Dark Disciple. Lucas also interviewed the voice of Hera Syndulla, Vanessa Marshall.

Learn more about the creation of Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook with this interview of Dan Wallace by Linda Hansen-Raj over at FANgirl Blog.

Read up on Lisa Granshaw’s latest interview with Star Wars screenwriter Gary Whitta at The Daily Dot.

SensaCine interviewed Star Wars Rebels art director Kilian Plunkett about the first season of Rebels and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character. spoke to Steve Blum, the voice of Zeb Orrelios, at Anime Milwaukee 2015.


James Arnold Taylor joined Coffee With Kenobi to talk about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

In The ForceCast’s Rebels Roundtable talked to Vanessa Marshall about the first season of Star Wars Rebels and what’s next for Hera. You can also hear Vanessa in Episode 27 of Podcast 66. TCW and Rebels writer Charles Murray also appeared in an episode of the Rebels Roundtable.

Listen to Dave Filoni talk to the hosts of RebelForce Radio. Plus, tune into the latest episodes, featuring Stephen Stanton and Phil Lamarr.

Stephen Stanton also appeared in the latest episode of The Wolfpack Podcast.

Catch Consetta Parker in an episode of Skywalking Through Neverland, where she talks about her Star Wars wedding.

The fangirls Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado, and Sarah Woloski strike back in the March episode (#17) of Fangirls Going Rogue. Also, if you’re able to dress up for the occasion, FGGR will be doing a Pajama Party during their slot on the Podcasting stage.

Annie Stoll appeared in an episode of Children of the Force, where she talked about Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook.

If you like listening to older material, Anomaly Podcast shared a past episode of Ashley Eckstein via Twitter.

Jason Ward sat down with Steve Ciccarelli and Neil Kleid of Topps Digital Services to talk about the Star Wars: Card Trader app. Find the interview at the 1:05 mark in Episode 71 of “Now, This Is Podcasting!”

Watch the latest vlog by Catrina Dennis, “In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite new ladies in the Star Wars canon! We know Leia, Mon Mothma, Padmé, Aayla Secura, Asajj Ventress, and more–but now, a new crop of awesome, complex women are taking over the Star Wars universe, and I love all of ‘em!”


(Photo: The Fifth Sun)

Lisa Granshaw wrote about the latest Star Wars maxi dresses from ThinkGeek over at her Tumblr blog, The Force of Geek Fashion.

Check out Ashley Eckstein‘s sneak peeks of her new Star Wars fashion items for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. She recently revealed an adorable new item, an Ewok bag.

The Fifth Sun has an awesome collection of Star Wars t-shirts.

Geek Girl Diva featured ActionPink‘s Boba Fett’s dress over at Fashionably Geek. Catch our brief interview with ActionPink in a past Fashion Friday post.

Norse Legion gave us a first look at our second Star Wars Celebration Anaheim exclusive: A New Hope dog tag. The first exclusive is a R2-D2 Celebration Anaheim pin.

Congratulations to Mariel Mohns for winning Geek Fashion Week’s #StyleYourUniverse contest! She styled the Her Universe Stormtrooper Dress in three different and successful ways.

Other Star Wars Things

Tumblr user Star Wars Group created a demographics survey for the Tumblr Star Wars fandom, so if you have a Tumblr account, take a few seconds to answer a short six-question survey.

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim updates:

Following the news of Felicity Jones starring in Star Wars: Rogue One, Phil Noto drew a piece of art of how her character could look in the film.

(Photo: Phil Noto)

Andy over at Rebels Report put together a great infographic about known television and movie content for the next six years.

(Photo: Rebels Report)

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