Fashion Friday: Looking Back at Her Universe in Celebration Anaheim

Ashley Eckstein
(Photo: Ashley Eckstein)

As promised, the first area I visited at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim when the exhibition floor opened up on Thursday, April 16, was Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe booth. By 11:30am, it was one of the busiest booths on the floor with fangirls purchasing the latest apparel from the new Star Wars Celebration fashion line.

On the opposite side of the booth was the Salacious Crumb’s Cupcake Bake Shop, where a new Star Wars inspired cupcake was on sale every day.


At a conference interview, Bria from Tosche Station asked whether we’d see any future clothing featuring Hera Syndulla to which Ashley enthusiastically answered with a yes!

“I definitely owe Hera something!” she said, fully aware that fangirls have been requesting such items throughout social media. “To be honest, we had a Hera design, and I just wasn’t that pleased with it yet . . . so I definitely was working on a shirt for girls and one that says ‘Captain of the Ghost‘ because that’s Hera. And that’s really cool to have a female captain of the Ghost, so that shirt is coming. It wasn’t finalized and I didn’t want to release a shirt until I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s the right design.’ It’s coming and more is coming for Hera and the characters of Rebels. Definitely look for more and look for more for little girls, too.”

Kathleen Kennedy wearing Her Universe. (Photo: Erik Davis)

Ashley also talked about how Kathleen Kennedy wore a Her Universe shirt during The Force Awakens panel, where the second teaser trailer premiered, “I was speechless. Honored, to say the least. She’s just such a strong leader for Lucasfilm, and I’m not even going to say female because that shouldn’t come into play here–she’s just a strong leader. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about her and I feel like Star Wars is in excellent hands.”

Star Wars clothes for women is also in great hands, with Ashley stating that Her Universe will be celebrating its 5th year in business this coming June. Ashley was happy to announce that more products will be available in the near future at high profile locations and retail stores, including the Disney Store and Disney Parks.

“How you can help is by buying it,” she said, having prefaced the announcement by sharing the fact that she had been reading articles about women asking for more merchandise. “The only thing that speaks is money in sales. And if they release merchandise, let’s say for little girls for the first in Disney Stores, and it doesn’t sell, they’re not going to reorder it. So everyone asking, ‘What can I do?’ When it comes out, go support it.”

As for what will be available at Star Wars Weekends, take a look at the collection below, and if you’re unable to join the annual event, purchase items online at Lastly, the future of fashion is even brighter for fangirls, since Ashley is currently working on a line for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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2 comments on “Fashion Friday: Looking Back at Her Universe in Celebration Anaheim

  1. I’m crossing fingers that Her Universe will be at the London SW celebration next year! Of course, I’ll need to make sure I have money to get so many gorgeous items! :)

  2. Whoo! Thanks for this! I hadn’t heard yet that Her Universe would be available in Disney Stores and at Disneyland! That is very exciting!

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