Fashion Friday: Add BB-8 To Your Wardrobe

BB-8 costume cap by Allison Waken

BB-8 has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere! The astromech from Star Wars: The Force Awakens even appeared in the new logo for Star Wars Reads Day, an event celebrating Star Wars books and storytelling on Saturday, October 10, 2015. To continue shining the love on our new favorite droid, here’s are a few fashionable items created by fans.

(Photo: Allison Waken)

Blogger and mother Allison Waken created a fantastic tutorial on how to create your very own BB-8 cap using basic materials from your local craft store, such as felt fabric and a hot glue gun. Find directions and a video over at

If you’re looking for an alternate headpiece, become inspired by the BB-8/Mickey Mouse ears created by Jess, a “Re-imaginEAR” who recycles and redesigns blank Mickey ears. “Can’t wait to see what this little guy is all about on December 18th!!” I can’t wait either! Find more of Jess’ designs over at her site and Facebook.

(Photo: The Whotique)

For a more subtle hair accessory, check out The Whotique‘s BB-8 bow. Kelly creates and designs bows inspired by geek and pop culture. “I’m working on a way to make them available to purchase,” she wrote in her Instagram profile, “But until then, enjoy browsing!” Browse through her gallery over at Instagram.

(Photo: MyGeekHusband)

Accessories make or break an outfit, but this BB-8 charm would given any ordinary ensemble the perfect touch of Star Wars. “As an homage to the upcoming film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I created a special BB-8 inspired charm,” wrote Mai, who uses her jewelry-making skills to create custom geek ornaments. “This droid charm is made of two independent pieces and is connected by a short link chain to mimic BB-8’s rolling body. It’s absolutely one of my favorite creations to date.” Visit her Etsy shop for other wonderful items!

(Photo: Allison Waken)

Moving further down the anatomy of an outfit, Allison Waken also put together a tutorial for a custom BB-8 shirt. Basic items include a plain white shirt, freezer paper, and fabric paint. Allison also provides the cut-out template to add the BB-8 designs to the shirt. Make a day out of it and visit her site for more information!

(Photo: Ashley Berthiaume)

Ashley Berthiaume owns geek chic fashion shop Go Follow Rabbits, where she creates original designs and concepts and transforms them into gorgeous skirts. Her latest creation is the BB-8 skirt, a design that you can request by messaging her through her Etsy shop.

(Photo: ActionPink)

Finally, ActionPink has a stunning BB-8 apron/dress on the way, also known as “Rollin’ Out The Goodies”. Ashley and Roderick create quality aprons and custom action figures, and just recently, Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla) wore their amazing Boba Fett dress at Star Wars Weekends. Visit their site and shop for more information!

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