TWG Roundup, Part I: Books, Comics, Fan Creations, and Fashion

Star Wars Rebels magazine featuring Sabine Wren by Ingo Romling

The TWG roundup returns with heaps of Star Wars related news and information from the past two months (April and May 2015). Part I of this roundup includes the latest about books, comics, fan creations, and fashion. Find Part II soon, featuring a roundup of interviews, podcasts, and other news.

With Star Wars Celebration Anaheim now behind us, we’re all looking ahead to E3 and San Diego Comic-Con. Starting June 15, Star Wars Battlefront gameplay will make its debut at E3, and later in July, Hasbro will have its Star Wars panel at SDCC, where we might see the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys.



The cover art for Servants of the Empire: Imperial Justice by Jason Fry was revealed in mid April. Find the summary of the third installment of this four-book series below.

As a new student at Lothal’s Imperial Academy, Zare Leonis does everything it takes to pass as a model cadet. But, secretly he is a hidden spy among Imperial loyalists, determined to discover the truth about his missing sister and to bring down the Empire. Luckily, he has his tech-savvy girlfriend, Merei, by his side, willing to help him however she can–even if it means dealing with criminals in the shadiest parts of Capital City. In the meantime, Zare must face down a dangerous foe of his own: Captain Roddance, who seems bent on pushing Zare to his breaking point. Join these rebellious cadets as they risk everything to take on the fearsome Empire.

Imperial Justice will be released on July 7, 2015, and it is currently available for pre-order over at Amazon.

Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire cover

A special bind-up, entitled Star Wars: Rise of the Empire, will be released later this year and it will include two previously published novels (Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno and Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller­) and three new short stories.

According to the official announcement over at, “These three short stories will connect the two books and provide further insight into the power of the Galactic Empire.”

The three authors selected to contribute these original pieces of work are Melissa Scott, John Jackson Miller, and Jason Fry.

Some fans aren’t happy that they have to purchase previously published novels in order to read three new stories, but I’m actually really excited to see what the new content will reveal and if we’ll see any familiar characters. A New Dawn is my favorite novel since the debut of the new canon timeline, so I will happily support any project related to it and Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars: Rise of the Empire will appear on shelves starting October 6, 2015.

Author Jeffrey Brown wrote a guest over at Chronicle Books about the creation of Good Night, Darth Vader and Darth Vader and Friends.

If you haven’t purchased them already, the Star Wars Epic Yarns trilogy series by Jack and Holman Wang is a must-have set for younglings and adults seeking inspiration. Find an interview with Holman Wang down below as well as PDF instructions on how to create your own needle felted figure.

Del Rey recently posted a picture of the final jackets for Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. The book is scheduled for release on July 7, 2015, and it will contain a foreword by Katie Lucas.

Star Wars Reads Day returns on October 10, 2015! A new logo, featuring BB-8, was created for the fourth annual event. Read more about the celebration of Star Wars literature and storytelling over at USA Today.

Lastly, make sure to check out the audio I recorded from the “New Adaptations of the Star Wars Saga” panel at BookCon 2015.

Comic Books

Greg Weisman was confirmed as the writer for the second arc of Kanan: The Last Padawan at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Find the liveblog of the Marvel Star Wars panel here. My hope is that Pepe Larraz also continues doing the art for the comic. The artist recently finished working on Kanan: The Last Padawan #3 as well as issue #4.

Kanan: The Last Padawan #3 will go on sale starting June 10, 2015, with a cover by Mark Brooks and a variant cover by Bosco Ng, a storyboard artist for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. An exclusive preview of the third issue, as seen below, appeared in an interview with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

EXCLUSIVE: Pages from Kanan: The Last Padawan #3 by Pepe Larraz

Left: Kanan: The Last Padawan #4 will be available in July 2015 with a cover by Mark Brooks and a variant cover by Whilce Portacio. The summary in the July solicitation states, “When being a Jedi makes him a target, what can a Padawan do? Betrayed by those he once called friends, young Caleb Dume learns to survive as a smuggler!”

Right: The final chapter of the first arc, Kanan: The Last Padawan #5, will be released in August 2015 with a cover by Mark Brooks. The summary in the August solicitation states, “Caleb has been captured by Clone Troopers Grey & Styles! Can he turn his back on his Jedi training completely?”

A new Marvel Star Wars comic was announced at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, one focusing on the smooth-talking entrepreneur Lando Calrissian. Writer Charles Soule and artist Alex Maleev, Lando will be a limited series kicking off in July. Read the initial report and interview over at

Lando was also part of the discussion at BookCon 2015. Find my audio of the panel over at my highlights post.

Korean writer and artist Writer Hong has been working alongside the Lucasfilm Story Group in creating a canon Korean webcomic of Luke’s story leading up to The Force Awakens, according to Big Shiny Robot. Star Wars Always provides the first two chapters in English, so make sure to visit Dion’s site to read up on the story.

Lastly, make sure to follow Ingo Römling‘s work over at his Facebook. He illustrates the art for the comic written by Martin Fisher in the Star Wars Rebels magazine. According to Florian of Jedi-Bibliothek, the eighth comic will be called “Ezra’s Vision” and it will be released at the start of August in Germany.

Fan Creations

As far as creativity and genuine enthusiasm in the Star Wars fan community goes, Blondsaurus is the place for you to go for the coolest fan creations. She comes up with the most ingenious ideas and puts together beautiful and clear tutorials for fans to follow along. You can now find the Blondsaurus logo on our site, but if you haven’t check out her shop and blog, please do so now! Also, make sure to give her a follow on Twitter and a like on Facebook.

(Photo: lemonadehoney)

Instagram user  created a stunning custom Funko figure of Ahsoka Tano. It’s truly a remarkable piece. Read more about it over at Dis Kingdom.

Bonnie Burton has various Star Wars crafts and tutorials over at Disney Family, including this R2-D2 Friendship Pin made of felt fabric!

Invisible Element has an awesome freebie for anyone to download. It’s a free coloring book based on Star Wars: A New Hope. Make sure to download your copy today!

Force Storm Entertainment creates live action short films and other video content related to the Star Wars universe. One of my favorite short films includes the youngest member of the Perales family, Axel. Watch the video below and make sure to visit the Force Storm Entertainment website.


On May 4, 2015, Lisa Granshaw published a brief roundup of fan-made comics and our very own Elisa appeared in the article with her webcomic, Star Wars Destinies. If you haven’t been reading Star Wars Destinies, make sure to catch up and find out what Ahsoka, Dogma, and Slick have been up to from a fan’s point of view.

Joe Hogan and a talented team of writers and artists have put together an amazing webcomic that focuses on the unfinished stories of Star Wars: The Clone Wars called Clone Wars: Resolutions. It launched on May 4, so make sure to catch up by visiting the blog where the comic is being published, and also, catch my interview with Joe Hogan over at

One of the things I desperately wanted to see in “The Bad Batch” arc from Star Wars: The Clone Wars was Echo finding out that Fives was no longer alive. A fan created a brief comic of that interaction between Echo and Captain Rex and you can find it over at Tumblr.

Star Wars Rebels

(Photo: Holly Frey)

Create your very own Sabine Wren jacket!

Holly Frey, a co-host of the PopStuff podcast at and an avid costumer, recently posted a tutorial over at on how to construct your very own Sabine Wren Jacket. The post comes with over 30-colored photographs and detailed instructions on how construct the item from scratch.

It’s definitely not an easy task, but for those willing to give it a try, make sure to check out the tutorial.

ParvumAutomaton continues to create lovely cross-stitch patterns of Star Wars characters, including Chopper and Zeb Orrelios. She also created a cross-stitch of Captain Rex!

Back in April, Freddie Prinze, Jr., posted this photo of himself and Vanessa Marshall holding a flask with the Star Wars Rebels starbird symbol. Fan artist Melissa Thomas took that picture and gave it a spin, drawing their characters, Kanan and Hera, instead.

Tumblr user stormerechelon did the thing! For those not familiar with The Legend of Korra, there was a scene early on in the series, where the main character (Korra) met the chief of police (Lin Beifong). This Tumblr user replicated the scene with Zeb and Ezra and it’s just as amazing!

Back in October 2014, YouTube user LegoSpencer created a custom LEGO energy slingshot! It is, by far, one of my favorite custom creations.

Lastly, this Captain Rex deserves all the awards.

“I thought @BlueJaigEyes would appreciate this last-minute costume from my Garrison CO!” (Source)

The Force Awakens

BB-8 remains a fan favorite character as fans continue to roll out clever creations, such as the knitting doll by Julian. Find more about his work over at Also on the same boat is Jennifer DeVoll and her very own BB-8 plushie. Finally, jewelry designer and artisan Meredith Funk created one of the first pendants based on the First Order symbol from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Nathan Hamill designed a comic-filled Star Wars logo shirt for Her Universe. Over at Instagram, he wrote, “Finally! A design of mine at Hot Topic!”

Kale, the cosplay correspondent for Rebels Report, recently tweeted a photo of the awesome Star Wars Rebels dress she made, as seen above. Find more of her creations and cosplays over at her Instagram.

Vanessa Marshall attended the second week of Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort. There, she wore her Boba Fett dress made by ActionPink. Make sure to visit their shop for the Boba Fett dress and other beautiful apron designs!

For geek chic updates about various fandoms, visit the White Hot Room. Bria wrote a spectacular post about the Star Wars fashion at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim as well as a stylish guide to wearing Her Universe’s X-wing cardigan.

Star Wars blogger and ultimate fan Travis Grimm wrote a great review about the recently released Star Wars Ugg boots. Find that post over at his personal blog.

Jian Deleon over at’s Style section wrote a detailed article about how Star Wars has influenced current fashion trends.

Lastly, make sure to check out my latest Fashion Friday post, where I highlight fan-made items inspired by BB-8.

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