Star Wars: The Force Awakens Make-Up Collection by COVERGIRL

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Covergirl Makeup

Express your allegiance to the dark or light side this coming fall with a limited edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens make-up collection by COVERGIRL. A set of nine images surfaced recently, revealing COVERGIRL’s latest partnership with Lucasfilm.

It’s not the only time COVERGIRL has partnered up with a big franchise. In 2013, the brand released a COVERGIRL Capitol Collection inspired by Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, its first-ever major movie sponsorship.

“With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire partnership, we wanted to redefine cosmetics’ relationship to film with a fantasy-meets-reality beauty experience,” said Esi Eggleston Bracey, the vice president for global cosmetics at Procter & Gamble, in the original press release.

Despite receiving criticism by some fans about how the collection completely missed the point of what the Capitol represents in the novel and film series, it’s difficult to deny the stunning and captivating make-up designs in the promotional images.


“This is our kind of duel,” COVERGIRL wrote on Star Wars Day, one of the many brands (and perhaps, the only cosmetics brand) to acknowledge the fan-made holiday.

Even more impressive than the partnership itself is the involvement of renowned British-born designer Pat McGrath. Named as the most influential make-up artist by Vogue magazine, McGrath became the global creative-design director for Procter and Gamble in 2004, overseeing multiple brands, such as Max Factor and COVERGIRL.

In this first look, the collection includes nail polish, mascara, and lip gloss.

The six cosmetic designs are divided into the classic dark and light categories: The Dark Side (Apprentice, Stormtrooper, and Chrome) and The Light Within (Nomad, Droid, Sage).

Yves Saint Laurent “Star Wars: One Love” 1999 Makeup Display from Rancho Obi-Wan’s Gala 2014 Auction Preview.

The other eight collectible make-up looks by Pat McGrath include the Empress (Dark Side) and Jedi (The Light Within).

The collection of 10 mascara sticks includes quotes from the Star Wars movies, including some potentially new material, such as:

  • “I will finish what you started.”
  • “Immune to the light.”
  • “There has been an awakening.”

The packaging also promotes a website,, which will become active at a later point in time.

Star Wars themed cosmetics aren’t as common as fangirls would like, the last notable product being Yves Saint Laurent’s Star Wars: One Love Queen Amidala make-up in 1999.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Covergirl Makeup

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Covergirl Makeup

(via Rebelscum, Anakin and His Angel, and Reddit)

14 comments on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens Make-Up Collection by COVERGIRL

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  7. lazypadawan

    I remember the YSL line and bought a few things from it, including the Naboo Pink nail polish and the Rouge Amidala lipstick. My brother found for me a small promotional booklet for the line that even had tips on how to do your makeup just like Queen Amidala.

    I’m not nuts enough to buy 10 or so different tubes of mascara just to get all of the sayings (no prequel ones?) but sign me up for the rest of it! Especially for the Dark Side stuff!

    • I wish I had been more aware of the YSL line when I was younger! I would have loved that nail polish. Super excited for this collection later in the fall! Glad they’re reaching out to fans from this angle!

  8. I had NO CLUE about those other collections. I guess I was about 13 when TPM was released so I don’t know how I would have known! lol

    • Yeah, at the time, I was definitely too young to have know about it. I found out last year when Rancho Obi-Wan posted pictures of their Gala 2014 Auction and the YSL display was one of the items!

  9. I’m fangirling over this and find the concept pretty cool. I remember the Amidala Yves Saint Laurent makeup line. I still have one nailpolish and one lipstick from the line. I never touched them and kept them in their boxes. :)

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