TWG Roundup, Part II: Fan Creations, Interviews, and More!

Star Wars Rebels, Kanan: The Last Padawan, Vol. 1 Issue 6

The TWG roundup continues with heaps of Star Wars related news and information from the past few months (April, May, and June 2015). Part II of this roundup includes a roundup of fan creations, interviews, podcasts, and other news.

Fan Creations

From left to right:

  • Instagram user PrettyFuzzy created by hand an Ahsoka Tano doll made of polymer clay.
  • Plushie designer and Instagram user StuffItUpPlushies constructed an Ahsoka Tano plushie based on her design from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Expert cross-stitcher ParvumAutomaton made a design of Captain Rex and added to the caption that she can’t wait to see him in Star Wars Rebels.
  • Maria Heid takes beadwork to a whole new level with her Ahsoka Tano bracelet. Find more of her Star Wars bead creations over at Instagram.
  • Ariesgurumi strikes again with another adorable amigurumi design, this time of Star Wars Rebels pilot Hera Syndulla.

From left to right:

  • Photographer and graphic designer Christopher Pasatieri created a custom Star Wars Rebels cardback for Hera Syndulla. Find his interview about the project over at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss.
  • made a custom Stormtrooper Kanan Jarrus figure based on his disguise from the season two premiere, “Took me about 5 minutes to do. Boil and pop the heads, trim the neck posts, drill out Trooper’s neck, assemble, done!”
  • Michael, also known as MGF Customs, designed a beautiful Star Wars Rebels LEGO figure of Ahsoka Tano.
  • House Organa Shop has new and lovely Star Wars Rebels designs over at Redbubble. Find a summary of the new items here.

One of my favorite concepts to come out of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was the Ahsoka Tano loyalist trooper. Ryan Kidd took that idea and custom-painted two clone troopers. The trooper on the left bears the Ahsoka Tano facial markings on his helmet, while the trooper on the right has the signature blue and white stripes scattered throughout the armor.


Last but not least, Instagram user obijimkenobi created a Star Wars Rebels Captain Rex using a blank Munny figure. Here’s the process from beginning to end: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).


April 2015:

  • Amy Ratcliffe interviewed Dave Filoni about Star Wars Rebels, Darth Vader, Ahsoka, Clone Wars, and more over at The Nerdist.
  • IGN interviewed Ashley Eckstein about how Ahsoka has changed and whether she’d survive a fight against Darth Vader. Also interviewed by IGN at Star Wars Celebration: Steve Blum, Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya SircarDee Bradley Baker, and Dave Filoni.
  • Eric Geller also interviewed the Star Wars Rebels cast at Star Wars Celebration.
  • The Wolfpack Podcast and other bloggers/podcasters spoke to Ashley Eckstein and Freddie Prinze, Jr., at Star Wars Celebration. Tosche Station also has audio for the Ashley Eckstein interview. Additionally, Cinelix has a great writeup of Ashley’s thoughts of Ahsoka in season two of Star Wars Rebels.
  • Tosche Station sat down with author Jason Fry and talked about the Servants of the Empire books as well as his own series, Jupiter Pirates.
  • Lucas Siegel interviewed Simon Kinberg about Star Wars Rebels.
  • Roqoo Depot spoke to author Christie Golden about her upcoming novel, Dark Disciple.
  • Click On This Show interviewed Daniel Logan at Sundance 2015, while the Boba Fett Fan Club interviewed Logan at Star Wars Celebration.
  • Review of the NERDS recorded a Q&A with Daniel Logan and Ray Park at Steel City Con. Earlier in the month, Techno Warriors grabbed a few words from Logan at Salt Lake Comic Con.
  • Find a collection of interviews with Hasbro, LEGO, and more over at the Star Wars Report.
  • Listen to Amy Ratcliffe talk about Ahsoka Lives Day with the Assembly of Geeks podcast.
  • Podcast 66 recorded an interview with Greg Weisman.

May 2015:

  • Pete Morrison interviewed Neil Kleid, design director for Topps Digital. Find the interview at Rebels Report.
  • Lucas Siegel published an interview with Vanessa Marshall and Steve Blum regarding the intensity behind season two of Star Wars Rebels.
  • Legion of Leia spoke to the women of Star Wars Rebels, Tiya Sircar and Vanessa Marshall.
  • Ashley Eckstein joined Coffee with Kenobi for an interview.
  • Podcast 66 interviewed the very talented Kevin Kiner in a special episode for Star Wars Day and Freddie Prinze, Jr.
  • /Film’s Germain Lussier spoke with Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg about a variety of topics in season two of Star Wars Rebels.
  • Geek Bomb interviewed Star Wars fangirl Becs Blondsaurus about her online shop.
  • I interviewed Joe Hogan about the fan-made comic Clone Wars: Resolutions. Find it over at
  • The Orlando Business Journal interviewed Ashley Eckstein at the start of Star Wars Weekends.
  • Find a collection of Vanity Fair interviews about Star Wars: The Force Awakens over at FANgirl Blog.

June 2015:

Star Wars Rebels

The second season premiere of Star Wars Rebels aired Saturday, June 20. With the rest of the second season coming out later in the fall, make sure to watch Rebels Recon and catch a glimpse of the next episode “The Lost Commanders”.

If you need to catch up with the first season of Star Wars Rebels, make sure to sit down and watch Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide narrated by Kanan himself. When you’re done with that, check out Disney Insider‘s episode ranking of the first season. And of course, if you’re all caught up, complement the experience by browsing through the latest episode guide for “The Siege of Lothal”.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

If you’d like to bring the Ghost crew’s adventures home with you, the complete Star Wars Rebels season one DVD/Blu-Ray will be released on September 1, 2015.

DVD Bonus Features include (1) Rebels Recon: 14 behind-the-scenes featurettes, (2) Star Wars Rebels – The Ultimate Guide, (3) Star Wars Rebels Season Two – A Look Ahead

Blu-ray Bonus Features include (1) Rebels Infiltrates Star Wars Celebration (Exclusive to Blu-ray), (2) Season One shorts: “The Machine in the Ghost,” “Art Attack,” “Entanglement,” “Property of Ezra Bridger”, (3) All DVD Bonus (see above)

Rebels Report got a tip about possible Star Wars Rebels season two concept art of a location known as Takobo City. Could this be where Rex and the clones are located? Click here to read more about the theory. Also, make sure to check out Pete Morrison’s latest writeup about Sabine Wren and the Phoenix Squadron.

Kevin Kiner released the Star Wars Rebels soundtrack over at his personal website.

Screenwriter Gary Whitta (Rogue One) revealed that he is writing content for Star Wars Rebels.


Star Wars Insider #159 will be released on July 22, 2015. The newsstand edition will feature Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader.

Asajj Ventress, the evil Sith warrior from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, takes center stage as she stars in an all-new tale!

Plus, we look back on her life and times! With the first episode of the second season of Star Wars Rebels debuting at Star Wars Celebration 2015, we tease the new season and talk to the cast.

With Star Wars topping the comic charts, we look at Marvel’s new series and how it came to smash records!

Plus, the countdown to The Force Awakens continues! Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive cover editions.

Earlier this month, Jason Fry submitted his last edits for the final novel (The Secret Academy) in the Servants of the Empire series, a companion to the animated show. With the second season premiering later in the fall, make sure to catch up with Zare’s part of the story.


The last issue of the first arc of Kanan: The Last Padawan will be released on September 23, 2015.

The solicitation notes include:

• A tale from the time of Rebels!

• No longer a Padawan, the adult Kanan finds himself back on the planet Kaller…

• Will his past as Caleb Dume return to haunt him?

Greg Weisman will continue to write the second arc of the ongoing series. No word on whether Pepe Larraz will also join him, but it looks like Jacopo Camagni is joining the team as the penciller.

Find my latest review of Kanan: The Last Padawan #3 and make sure to pick up the next issue on July 22, 2015.

Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Steve Blum recently shared some fun pictures (left and right) of the two recording lines for Star Wars Rebels. It’s always great seeing the cast enjoying themselves!

Finally, Dave Filoni shared a photo recently via social media, “Celebrating the final ensemble record for the second season of Rebels.” Looking forward to what season two has in store!

(Photo: Dave Filoni)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Remember when Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, and James Arnold Taylor were in the recording studio a few months ago? Turns out, they were recording for Disney Infinity 3.0. Missed out on all of the coverage, video interviews, and featurettes? Visit Game Informer for a detailed list of behind-the-scenes content.

Dark Disciple by Christie Golden comes out July 7, 2015. To prepare yourself, make sure to re-watch the episodes related to fan favorite character Asajj Ventress. Leland Chee lays out the episodes to watch in the following tweet:

Also, make sure to download the 2015 Star Wars Books Sampler (as seen below) from your favorite online bookstore. In it, you’ll find the first chapter of Dark Disciple and the first look at Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alexander Freed.

Star Wars Insider issue 159 will have a brand new short story by Christie Golden and illustrated by Magali Villeneuve. The story will act as a prequel to Dark Disciple, featuring a new character called Lassa.

Angela Lanter had husband Matt Lanter pretty her up for her makeup video tutorial series. It’s quite hilarious!

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