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Fandom Feels: Shipping Leia Organa and Ezra Bridger

Star Wars Rebels, Leia Organa and Ezra Bridger by lledra-fanstuffs

Marvel’s Star Wars #6 shook the fan community in a way that had me sit back, relax, and grab a bucket of popcorn. When the comic book issue was released earlier in June, one Twitter user wrote, “Han Solo is married? Preparing for internet meltdown. Goodbye, sweet tubes. It was fun while you lasted.” Another fan wrote, “WHAT THE FRIGGIN HELL? HAN SOLO WAS MARRIED. EFF YOU DISNEY. EFF YOU!”

Jason Aaron’s twist caught everyone by surprise. Some loved it, others didn’t care much for it, and many more simply hated it because the mentality is that the only person Han has ever been with is Leia. Right? Wrong. Given his scoundrel nature, it makes sense that Han has been involved with other women prior to meeting Leia. We don’t know the full story of Han and Sana Solo’s fractured relationship, but I appreciate the fact that Aaron and the Lucasfilm Story Group gave us the beginnings of a storyline that shattered old perceptions.

That said, what about Leia? We know she was the youngest senator ever elected to the Imperial Senate. We’re also aware that she carried out humanitarian work and provided assistance to those suffering across the galaxy. The rebel cause eventually took precedence and that led her in the hands of Darth Vader at the start of A New Hope. Was there room in there for a love interest? We’ve all been there. We’ve all had our first crush, so why not the Princess of Alderaan?

That’s where fandom comes in.

With fans getting more excited for the return of Star Wars Rebels later this fall, one can’t help but play around in the Star Wars universe sandbox to help pass the time. We’re all hoping to see a young version of Leia down the line, and since both Leia and Ezra Bridger are the same age, the imagination takes over. What if Leia’s first crush is on the blue-eyed Padawan? I’ve seen so many people call out the similarities between Ezra and Disney’s Aladdin, that I finally gave in and made my own reference:

Some people even suggested that this setup could potentially make Sabine jealous, but turning one female character against another is not only bad writing, it’s also been done too many times. Instead, Sabine should act as the older sister type, smack Ezra upside the head, and help him with his girl troubles.

Of course, nobody really has time for this, since they’re all trying to fight against the Empire, but it’s a fun and cute ship to think about. It’s also a sad one because we don’t know what Ezra’s fate will be. It’s uncertain if their paths will cross, but given Ezra’s role in the early stages of the Rebel Alliance and Leia’s relationship with Bail Organa, the encounter would make for a few good stories.

Here’s a small collection of Leia and Ezra fan art to aid you in your new found feels for this ship:

“Making a Princess laugh is always a good thing.” (Art by lledra-fanstuffs)
“We’re just talking.” (Art by lledra-fanstuffs)
“I let the stars keep our late nights and ‘what ifs’.” (Art by Lilrenald)
“Exploration” (Art by lledra-fanstuffs)
“Little Whispers” (Art by lledra-fanstuffs)
“And that’s how I saved Zeb from an ISB agent.” (Art by radicalrebelcat)

13 comments on “Fandom Feels: Shipping Leia Organa and Ezra Bridger

  1. I need to make the 5th one like my screensaver or something. XD

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  4. a smol meme

    nice… but have you considered Leia/Sabine?

  5. Hello again.
    without being on social media per se to know it was already percolating in many minds, I sent an email about this in mid June. I suggested a jealous Sabine. I didn’t want to suggest or mean to imply it would pit one young girl against another fighting over some Force sensitive boy. I just thought it would be funny if Sabine surprised herself with pangs of jealousy she didn’t know she’d have when she watched a completely not at all interested Leia give Ezra the brush off much the way Sabine herself kept dong early on in season 1. Not that Sabine is really interested either, but everyone likes a little attention (even when sometimes we convince ourselves it is unwanted). We two legged creatures are such a silly animal. I don’t want to see it go anywhere but figured it’s too funny a situation & a no-brainer to not give…say 10 seconds of screen time. Bigger fish DO have to be fried.

    • Hey, Mike! I remember you had implied the jealousy part, but I was totally referring to other conversations I’ve seen about Sabine being jealous and “fighting” for Ezra and this being the turning point for her to realize her “true” feelings for Ezra. I hope you didn’t feel like I singled you out or anything! I enjoy your thoughts about the series and Star Wars in general. Thanks for reading! MTFBWY!

      • Oh, no! Sorry! I wasn’t being defensive. I figured you are too classy, it was too long ago, in the wrong format, & also assume you are in contact with too many other fans for you to have singled me out. Still, I did want to make the distinction clear that I just think it is ripe fodder for a quick comic moment only (at both Ezra’s & Sabine’s expense). I went to my email & re-read my original message (embedded in your reply) & saw that I wasn’t clear on that point. I’m not so vain as to think you were thinking of me specifically when you were writing in the context of a new-ish social media/fandom “ship” (which this old fart had to google to make sure he understood the meaning of — even though the context made it clear enough). :)

  6. The fandom at Tumblr seems to have settled on #Leizra as the name of the ship :-)

  7. It takes some getting used to when old perceptions are changed. I was equally shocked by the surprise wife of Han. It does make sense, but it will take time to adjust because I have always been fond of Han/Leia.

    As for Ezra/Leia, it is certainly worth exploring :)

    • It definitely takes time to get used to, but some people were in total rage mode. We know Han and Leia’s relationship grows more romantically in the other two movies, so there’s more to the situation that we clearly need to learn more about. Some fans thought this was the end of Han and Leia, but completely forgot what happens later on in the storyline. What happens after Return of the Jedi, however, that’s something Han/Leia fans should worry about because they may not have ended up together as they do in Legends. And agreed, I really hope we get to see Leia! That way, Ezra has someone else of his age with who to interact. Here’s hoping!

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