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Five Colorful and Inspirational Works of Art by Sabine Wren

Star Wars Rebels "Fighter Flight"

“The artist is back.”

Not Mandalorian. Not teenage girl. Not rebel. No other word was used to describe Sabine on the night she, Ezra, and Zeb stole a ship as part of their plan to rescue Kanan. The stormtroopers remembered her as the artist because regardless of her graceful movements in the air and penchant for weapons and explosives, it was her artistic talent that stood out the most.

“You’re going to see a lot more of why [Sabine] is who she is, why she’s quiet at times, why she just wants to paint and be left alone,” said Freddie Prinze, Jr., in his interview with Keldabe Talk Radio. “And you’re going to see what happens when she doesn’t get to do that.”

As we gear up for the return of Star Wars Rebels later this fall, let’s look at my favorite colorful and inspirational works of art created by Sabine throughout the first season.

Prank Graffiti

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Inspired by the unfortunate bed incident between her fellow crew members (instigated by the notorious astromech droid), Sabine first took to her sketchbook, drawing a rough draft of the event (as seen below on the left). “The whole thing was just too funny. I knew I had to memorialize it immediately,” she wrote in the Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook and created her colorful and cartoon-like masterpiece on Zeb and Ezra’s bedroom wall. It’s the first time we see her in her artistic comfort zone and using her free time as art time.

Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook

The Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook is one of my favorite Star Wars Rebels books. Featuring colorful art and detailed illustrations by Annie Stoll, everything about this book screams Sabine, especially the last set of pages leading into the sketching section. With words of encouragement scattered across the pages (as seen above on the right), Sabine’s art and views become a source of inspiration for anyone looking to experiment with art and color, “If you create, you are creative!”

Painted TIE Fighter

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

While on guard duty, JJR-579 observed something odd about the TIE fighter the Sovereign‘s tractor beam had just pulled inside docking bay five. He called over his fellow trooper JTN-303 and pointed out the splashes of color that were painted all over the TIE. “That’s not regulation.”

JTN-303 peered closer. “I kind of like it.”

Battle to the End by Michael Kogge

Sabine would have been proud to hear those words, especially coming from a bucket head. We know she takes any empty space she can find to doodle and sketch what’s on her mind. Take her own room, for example. So when she discovers the existence of Ezra and Zeb’s TIE fighter, she sees it as a new canvas with unlimited possibilities. The vehicle itself is a representation of what she dislikes most: the Empire. Taking paint to it and drowning out the Imperial gray with more vibrant colors and the individual symbols that identify the members of her ragtag group is her personal way to rebel against the Empire at her own leisure.

Ezra’s Customized Cadet Helmet

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

“She’s pretty good,” Ezra wrote in his personal journal, regarding Sabine’s artistic talents. Putting his girl crush aside, I think he genuinely appreciates her works of art so much so that he even had her paint his cadet helmet. Making its first appearance in “Gathering Forces”, Ezra’s helmet has deep reds, yellows, and even some Imperial grays. Ezra had probably picked up on the fact that Sabine craves new canvases on which to express herself, so offering her the opportunity to spice up a bland-looking Imperial Academy cadet helmet was not only a way to get on her good side, but it was also a way to proudly wear something she customized.

Starbird Flame Graffiti

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

What’s most impressive above all else is the fact that Sabine adopted a symbol that will eventually evolve and become the emblem of the Rebel Alliance. At this point in time, though, it is Sabine’s trademark, leaving the spray-painted symbol behind wherever the rebels strike. Lucasfilm concept artist Chris Glenn designed the phoenix logo “on a whim while working on really early versions of the Ghost ship, and it’s remained unchanged all the way through marketing.” The “Sabine Flame Graffiti” by Kilian Plunkett is my favorite illustration of the starbird with the phoenix rising from the flames.


What’s your favorite piece of Sabine art? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

3 comments on “Five Colorful and Inspirational Works of Art by Sabine Wren

  1. Did the TIE fighter remind anyone else of the Red Baron’s Flying Circus? Did me right away…. I gotta think somebody @ Lucasfilm was going for that. (explanation for those who might need it: WWI German “ace” fighter pilot Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen had a fighter painted all & red the squadron under his command had an assortment of brightly colored planes that was meant to strike fear in the Allies when they saw them a-comin’).

  2. Great post! My favorite so far is definitely the TIE Fighter. I want them to make a toy of that beauty!

  3. My two favorite are the Starbird Flame Graffiti and the Painted TIE Fighter. I love the colors and the first one is such a special symbol, first for Sabine and then as you pointed out, how it evolves into the emblem of the Rebel Alliance.

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