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Veterans of ‘The Clone Wars’ Return in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Star Wars Rebels, "The Lost Commanders" Captain Rex, Captain Gregor, Commander Wolffe

The moment that solidified my love for Captain Rex was when he purposefully used Anakin’s name to tip him and Ahsoka off that Asajj Ventress was close behind in the feature film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Even though Ventress had overpowered him, Rex managed to find a clever and distinct way to warn his commanding officers at the expense of his own life, leaving behind a lasting impression.

As the seasons of The Clone Wars television series went on, people became more and more curious about the fates of Rex and Ahsoka Tano. What would become of these two characters once the Empire came into the picture? Would they even survive past Revenge of the Sith?

“Is a clone happy if he outlives the Clone War–if he outlives what his original fundamental purpose was?” Dave Filoni said in response to a fan’s question three years ago, “Is there great honor for them to die in the battlefield? Who can say? Does Rex learn so much from Anakin and his other friends that he grows out of what his original primary purpose was to be a soldier? Does he become something much more? Or does he really just embody what it means to be a good soldier? To be that person that, in his own way, even though he’s not a Jedi, is selfless because he’s fighting for the rights and the freedoms of other people–people he will probably never even meet . . . You will have to see and judge for yourself on whether he truly does have a happy or sad ending.”

Three years later, the question still remains–will Rex’s story have a happy or sad ending? We’ve come to a point where Rex survived the war, but now, he’s being roped back into another conflict, along with Captain Gregor and Commander Wolffe.

“I think Rex ultimately is a heroic person,” said Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of the clone troopers, in an interview about the return of the clones in Star Wars Rebels. “I think most of the clones are–I think that’s kind of baked into their DNA. And ultimately, when push comes to shove, they’re not going to react to things in a selfish way. They’re going to make the sacrifices and they’re going to step up and they’re going to do what needs to be done to make the world better–to make the universe better.”

Needless to say, Rex’s fate is always on the front of my mind. I’ve always wanted a happy ending for him, but it’s not about whether his ending will be happy or sad, it’s about whether he’s doing what he wants to do as a protector, first and foremost. It’s in his nature to step up and do what is right, even if it costs his life.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars writer Matt Michnovetz also returns, since he recently tweeted, “Thrilled to help bring Rex and [company] back to Star Wars!” Michnovetz wrote both the Citadel and Umbara arcs in seasons three and four, respectively.

The return of Captain Rex and his brothers definitely raises a few more questions. What happened to all of the younger clones who were still in production and being trained on Kamino? Are there still clones present on the Imperial side, even if they’re doing low-level work? Are there clones other than Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe already fighting the good fight in other locations across the galaxy?

Here’s hoping we learn more about the clones when Star Wars Rebels continues on October 14, 2015, with “The Lost Commanders” at 9:30PM EST on Disney XD.

(Featured Photo: Lucasfilm)

2 comments on “Veterans of ‘The Clone Wars’ Return in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

  1. Yay! Captain Rex is back!

  2. I hope somehow we see Cody serving under the Empire, and Rex is just disgusted. Rex, Anakin/Vader’s right hand, joins the Rebels, but Cody, Obi-Wan’s right hand, would be in the Empire. That would be an interesting turn of events.

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