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Galactic Fashion, Episode 02: Liz Perales

Galactic Fashion Podcast

Galactic Fashion Podcast

Galactic Fashion is a monthly, interview-based podcast dedicated to Star Wars and geek fashion.

In this episode, I share the latest news from Irregular Choice, PacSun, COVERGIRL, and Force Friday as well as an interview with the Rogue Rebels’ Liz Perales.

You can find Liz on Twitter and Instagram and on the Rogue Rebels Facebook page.

Make sure to tune into the next episode in October 2015.

In the meantime, please rate and comment on iTunes and follow Galactic Fashion on Twitter, or you can leave a comment in the comments section below.

At 76.4 MB, this episode is 41:26 minutes long.

May the Force of fashion be with you!

7 comments on “Galactic Fashion, Episode 02: Liz Perales

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  2. Gosh, I love the quality of your podcast! It seems like you’ve been doing this forever! Again, can I just say how awesome the music is? I was making my husband his food for work whilst listening using my headphones and I found myself dancing!

    I enjoyed listening and I agree with both of you about wanting there to be more subtle Star Wars clothing! I also love the idea that Liz head about there being little charms for Origami Owl. I have a necklace and I just love it! A few months ago they came out with a charm that says “blog” and I about died. Of course I HAD to purchase it! The necklaces aren’t too pricey but once you have it, the charms are super cheap to buy, about $5.

    • Eeeee! This makes me so unbelievably happy, you have no idea! I’m so happy fangirls are enjoying it. That’s exactly what I wanted! And I looooove the song, hehe! Makes me want to dance every time I hear it! And I looked into Origami Owl–and oh man! I want everything! It’d be so great to see Star Wars tossed in there. Such a great suggestion by Liz! Looking forward to having you on the show down the line! ^_^

  3. Johna! You’ve done such a nice job with this show! And I have to say I agree with what you’ve said on the first and second episodes – I am hoping we’ll see more subtle and sophisticated Star Wars clothing options too in the future.

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