Kohl’s Shines the Spotlight on Four ‘Star Wars’ Fangirls

Kohl's #Yes2You Star Wars Photoshoot

Star Wars fangirls are everywhere! And no, this is not a recent phenomenon. Star Wars fangirls have always been part of the fan community. Many of them recall seeing the first Star Wars film in theaters and many more have either grown into the universe or fell in love with it at a later point in life. The fact of the matter is that women of all ages and backgrounds love Star Wars just as much as anyone else.

Kohl’s, an American department store company, recently recognized this reality and surprised four members from their #Yes2You Rewards Program with a Star Wars photoshoot, providing them with the opportunity to try out Kohl’s latest Star Wars apparel collection and to be a positive influence for fangirls everywhere.

At Kohl’s, we love to support our customers’ passions and the forces that unite us. We had so much fun creating this force of fashion #YESMoment for some of our most loyal #Yes2You members and Star Wars fangirls!”

From left to right: Megan, Amiyrah, Megan, Lillian. (Photo: Kohl’s)

“When Kohl’s asked me to be part of their Force of Fashion YES Moment, I had to accept!” wrote blogger and graphic designer Megan, pictured on the far left with the R2-D2 Sweatshirt. “A day with fellow Star Wars fans styling outfits: what could be better than that?! The day was so much fun, especially when spent with girls who loved Star Wars as much as I did.” (Read more about her experience over at Closet Fashionista.)

From left to right: Megan, Amiyrah, Megan, Lillian. (Photo: Kohl’s)

Seeing fangirls supporting each other and sharing a positive message about being yourself and embracing what you love always brings a smile to my face. Many thanks to Kohl’s for bringing these four amazing women together and for spreading a realistic image about Star Wars fangirls.

Make sure to follow Megan, Amiyrah, Megan, and Lillian on social media.

Also, if you’re looking to shop fierce and confident styles for yourself or a fangirl you know, here’s a breakdown of the Star Wars fashion worn in the photoshoot seen above:

Megan: R2-D2 SweatshirtLC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Pleated Velvet Skirt, R2-D2 Necklace

AmiyrahRock & Republic Star Wars Embellished TeeELLE Dot Ponte Pencil SkirtStainless Steel Mandalorian Symbol Dog Tag Necklace

MeganRock & Republic Star Wars R2-D2 Embellished TeeELLE Pleated Midi Skirt

LillianMighty Fine Star Wars ”A long time ago…” Juniors’ Boyfriend TeeRock & Republic American Flag Jean Jacket (similar in design), Candie’s Pleated Juniors’ Circle SkirtStainless Steel Boba Fett Pendant Necklace

9 comments on “Kohl’s Shines the Spotlight on Four ‘Star Wars’ Fangirls

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  2. So great to see Lillian and other fangirls used as models.

  3. Do you know if this available now at Kohl’s? Or is it going to be released later?

    • They are there now! I bought they Millennium Falcon necklace. I wanted the Rock and Republic R2 top, but even the XS was huge on me. I ended up with some of the men’s shirts instead since they fit better, if a bit long.

      • Good to know. I have the same problem with xs shirts due to my small frame but I’m happy kohl’s is branching out into star wars clothes for girls ☺

        • So happy to see more women’s clothing! :D

        • I’m petite so it’s hard for me to find clothes, period. I can usually wear an XS in misses and get a way with it being just slightly off, but that brand runs big. I have a pair of jeans by them and it’s a size smaller than what I wear in most other brands. I just say my Falcon shirt is a tunic top. ; )

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