‘Star Wars Rebels’ September 2015 Roundup

Star Wars Rebels, Captain Rex and Ezra Bridger by Lorna-Ka

The return of Star Wars Rebels is just around the corner, premiering on October 14. This roundup collects the latest updates and news related to the Ghost crew, including some spoiler content.

Star Wars Rebels at New York Comic Con 2015


On Thursday, October 8, fans attending New York Comic Con will be treated to a Star Wars Rebels panel (1:30 – 2:30PM, Empire Stage 1-E) and screening (5:30 – 6:45PM, Empire Stage 1-E). The panel will be moderated by Pablo Hidalgo and it will feature executive producer Dave Filoni, Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Season Two Footage and Music

The Star Wars Rebels season one Blu-ray includes a variety of special features, such as an extended season two trailer. Rebels Report also took detailed notes and images of the “Season Two: A Look Ahead” feature.

France’s Disney XD website posted three new clips from “The Lost Commanders”, an upcoming episode featuring the return of Captain Rex, Captain Gregor, and Commander Wolffe.

Three Star Wars Rebels television promos also reveal brand new footage.

USA Today also released a Captain Rex featurette.

Finally, if you haven’t heard the musical cues written by Dean and Sean Kiner for the upcoming season of Star Wars Rebels, check out the 12-song playlist over at SoundCloud.

Episodes Titles and Descriptions

“The Lost Commanders”

Synopsis: The Rebel crew is sent to find and recruit a veteran war hero with valuable experience and leadership qualities. Problems occur when they discover the hero is an old clone. (via Sky Go)

“Relics of the Old Republic”

Synopsis #1: The team starts to bond with the old clones. When the Empire learns the clones are working with the Rebels, the group must work together against Imperial forces. (via Sky Go)

Synopsis #2: While Ezra and the others are starting to form a friendship with the old clone troopers, Kanan still can’t bring himself to trust them. But when the Empire discovers the clones’ alliance with the Rebels, they all have to start working together. (via Jedi-Bibliothek, Star Wars Rebels Wiki)

“Always Two There Are”

Synopsis: While searching for supplies for the fleet, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper go on a daring mission to an abandoned medstation. But when two Inquisitors sent by Darth Vader endanger Sabine and Ezra, Zeb and Chopper have to find a way to save them. (via Jedi-Bibliothek, Star Wars Rebels Wiki)

Disney XD Website

The Disney XD website was revamped recently in preparation for the second season. Most notably, Ahsoka, Rex, Darth Vader, and the two Inquisitors have been added to the character list.


Star Wars Rebels Magazine

The Star Wars Rebels Magazine will be coming to the U.S.A. starting in November 2015. According to Jedi-Bibliothek, the first issue will appear on shelves on November 11, 2015, and the second issue will be released on December 16, 2015. I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this, since I am a big fan of Martin Fisher’s Star Wars Rebels comic. It’s a comic that’s published in the magazine and it explores the adventures of the Ghost crew outside of the main television series. Some of my favorite Star Wars Rebels stories come from this comic, so I’m excited that it will reach a wider audience starting later this year.

The covers of Star Wars Rebels Magazine #1 and #2. (via Jedi-Bibliothek)

Star Wars Insider #160

Make sure to pick up your copy of the latest Star Wars Insider. In this particular issue, you’ll find a variety of Star Wars content, including an interview by Amy Ratcliffe with Dee Bradley Baker, an article by Tricia Barr about Ahsoka Tano’s journey from Padawan learner to rebel warrior, and Vanessa Marshall’s experience at Star Wars Weekends 2015. The magazine also provides our first look at Captain Rex wearing his old helmet in Star Wars Rebels.

Captain Rex wearing his old helmet in Star Wars Insider #160. (via Rebel Transmission)

Vanessa Marshall Representing

At a Star Wars Rebels recording session, Vanessa Marshall shows off her Force Cult t-shirt, a Star Wars podcast from the growing fan community. Read more about Vanessa’s interactions and personal experiences with the fandom in her Star Wars Insider column, “Vanessa’s View”. Also, make sure to catch Vanessa and writer Greg Weisman at the Friends for Benefits charity event. Weisman and guests will talk about the audioplay for his book Rain of the Ghosts.

Vanessa Marshall wearing her Force Cult t-shirt at a Star Wars Rebels recording session. (Photo: Vanessa Marshall)

Ashley Eckstein and UNICEF

The voice of Ahsoka Tano and the creator of Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein, will be teaming up with Lucasfilm and HSN to raise funds for UNICEF and bring awareness to UNICEF’s humanitarian efforts. On Monday, September 28, Ashley will appear on The Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman: HSN Cares Star Wars Edition from 7:00-9:00PM EST, where she will be selling exclusive Star Wars, as seen below. Read the original press release for more information.

Ashley Eckstein wearing the new “Maison de Vader” shirt on the left and rehearsing for the HSN Cares event on the right. (Photos: Ashley Eckstein)

Fan Creations

The Star Wars fan community is filled with talented artists and creative individuals. Here are some of my favorite fan creations related to Star Wars Rebels.

Above: “It’s good to see you again.” Art by Melissa Thomas.

Below: “Kanan does not approve.” Art by Lorna-Ka.

Right: Loth-Cat Plush created by DuaeCat.

Left: Ezra Bridger (and Kanan Jarrus) Ring created by Otterling.

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