New Her Universe ‘Star Wars’ Apparel at HSN

Her Universe, HSN Cares Collection

An exclusive Her Universe collection is now available at The collection went on sale on Monday, September 28, as part of the HSN Cares campaign for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. If you were unable to participate during the fundraising event, fear not! UNICEF USA is always accepting donations from people looking to do good and making a difference. Whether it’s the geek chic pullover tee or a pair of comfortable leggings, make sure to grab your favorite Her Universe item before it goes away!

“Whether you embrace the dark side or the light, do it with a hint of glam. The classic tee style of these Star Wars tops pairs with just about everything in the universe, so you’ll always be ready for your next great adventure.” (Photos: HSN)

The “Maison de Vader” and “Do or Do Not” pullover tees are made of woven jersey stretch fabric. Designed with U-shaped necklines and cap sleeves, the dark side tee comes with a lace trim and the light side includes a Yoda print chiffon insert on the back.

“There’s that little pop of surprise. We actually call it the Her Universe touch,” Ashley Eckstein said in response to the lace and insert. “We like to do a little something different on each design.”

“Stars must have aligned … this pullover is positively worth the shipping and delivery. From the nostalgic print to the comfy fabric, you don’t have to worry about putting on the costume or in your case, the suit … all you need is this number.” (Photos: HSN)

These woven cotton blend pullover sweatshirts are perfect to wear when December comes around, just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Available in black and heather gray, (the black has the gold foil outline for the logo and the gray has the clear foil) both are designed with round necklines, straight hems, and long sleeves. The short-sleeve version can be found at

When showcasing the product, Ashley said, “I went and searched for the most comfortable sweatshirt I can find. It’s so soft! It’s a polyester cotton blend, and trust me, you will not want to take this off.”

“Space gets cold, but you don’t have to be. This warm and cozy Star Wars hoodie gives you the extra layer you need to star gaze and you know, get on with your galactic commitments. Add it the branded leggings for a full force look.” (Photos: HSN)

Very similar to the Manga Hoodie currently available over at, the “May the Force” pullover hoodie contains a Star Wars logo filled in with colorful comic art designed by Nathan Hamill. The design originally appeared on the comic-filled Star Wars logo tank sold at Hot Topic. Made of lightweight woven cotton blend for ultimate comfort, the pullover hoodie has Kangaroo pockets, long sleeves, and a straight hemline.

“Let’s face it, we all know Storm Troopers are really just undercover, female space ninjas … so … what’s under those white, armor-clad shields? Probably a pair of these comfortable leggings. The wide-width elastic waist and fitted leg mean you stay comfortable and cute no matter the encounter. If only all things “dark-side” were so easy.” (Photos: HSN)

“What I love about leggings is they’re so universal. You can dress them up in a cute little outfit or wear them to the gym,” said Ashley when talking about the black and Star Wars logo print leggings. “We go for comfort here at Her Universe. We want to look chic–we want to look geek chic, but we go for comfort. I will not sell anything if I wouldn’t wear it.”

The leggings are made of woven black stretch jersey and designed with a wide-width elastic waist band and a tapered leg.

Her Universe Star Wars %22Namaste%22 Yoda Print Tank

“Let the ‘om’ of the universe lead the way. Even star-fighting fashionistas need a pick-up and this tank provides the prefect stretch and ease to create effortless looks no mater what planet you reside on.” (Photo: HSN)

Last but not least, the multicolored and lightweight woven polyester stretch “Namaste” Yoda Print Tank is perfect for any day to night look, and it’s especially perfect for working out.

“Yoda makes you feel so zen. You will feel zen when you’re wearing this, but also, you are spreading a feeling of namaste–a feeling of zen when you wear this tank,” Ashley said. “Star Wars is so empowering. Star Wars makes you want to be hero. Good overcomes evil–it’s very inspiring. And you can inspire others with this tank. Or give the gift of inspiration with this tank.”

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