Fashion Friday: Irregular Choice ‘Star Wars’ Flats and Packaging

Irregular Choice, Star Wars, C-3PO Flats

Irregular Choice dropped a second teaser promoting the new Star Wars collection coming out later in November. Following the reveal of the R2-D2 sculptured heel, the C-3PO flat made its first appearance on Friday, September 25.

Upon seeing the teaser (below), one fan wrote, “Gross sobbing mixed with frantic screaming,” effectively capturing the general excitement within the fangirl community.

Designed and constructed with great attention to detail, the current selection of slipper style flats in the Irregular Choice shop range between $105 and $120 USD.


(Photo: Irregular Choice)


(Photo: Irregular Choice)


(Photo: Irregular Choice)

Looking to complete a C-3PO inspired outfit when November comes around? Check out these retailers:

Finally, the Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes will come in collectible limited-edition packaging, as seen below.


(Photo: Irregular Choice)

Looking forward to more Star Wars shoe reveals in the near future!

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