Rebels Chat: Episode 20, Relics of the Old Republic

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Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast, where Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels episode: “Relics of the Old Republic”.

We talk about Rex traveling the Outer Rim, Hera’s role in this episode, the experience the clones possess during battle, the relationship between the clones and the Jedi, Ezra’s “Luke” moment, Ezra acting as Kanan’s good conscience, Rex and Ahsoka’s hug, the Fifth Brother, fan questions, and much more!

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At 116.4 MB, this episode is about 1 hour long.

6 comments on “Rebels Chat: Episode 20, Relics of the Old Republic

  1. I wanted to share a theory. The clones have been making their living selling Joopa in some dusty town on Seelos after their hunts. They cant just eat the whole thing themselves. Even though they may be on their own a lot, they must drive the old AT-TE into town occasionally, sell a Joopa, then maybe hit the local cantina to blow off some steam. It is just important to me to know the clones have been in touch with other beings at least a little, they weren’t just on a 10 year long fishing trip alone. What do you think? Did they have some fun in retirement?

    • Oh, I’m sure there are some establishments on that planet that they head towards from time to time. It’d make sense for them to be “in the know” by interacting with other people who come and go from the planet. Great theory!

  2. I try not to be that kind of nerd, but i can’t help being bothered by how easily our heroes took down THREE AT-ATs! I mean AT-ATs took on an entire rebel base full of snow speeders, and cannons, and x-wings and 100s of troops and they won. But they can’t beat out motley crew? And where were the storm troopers, Callas said he was bringing lots of them and I assumed the AT-ATs would have a full compliment. But when Imperials escape it is just Callas and the AT-AT drivers. Also how did the AT-AT’s get down from the Star Destroyer so quickly?

    Sorry if I am being overly logical about it.

    • That’s fine! You bring up some great questions. I also thought the same thing; how did they bring those things down to the planet’s surface? Given the time constraint of the episode, they really couldn’t go into specifics. It’d be nice to know, but not knowing wasn’t essential for me to enjoy the episode. I like the fact that they managed to bring down two of the three walkers because it shows that the clones still have “it” and it also shows that Kallus was full of himself. He said those things to intimidate, but he clearly didn’t follow through. That’s his own ego and arrogance working against him. It was big man talk. Had there been more stormtroopers and smaller vehicles for backup, they would have been overrun, but Kallus brought out the big guns and underestimated his opponents. And when he did need the backup, there was no one there to provide it because Konstantine had gone somewhere else. Had the situation been more like Hoth, then yeah, they would have been decimated, but this was one Imperial with a big head going against three experienced clone troopers. It was a great metaphor, really. The “new” and shiny Empire vs. the old rickety Republic.

      • I like the idea that Kallus was a mix of impatient, arrogant and ostentatious and brought down the three AT-ATs as a show of force without taking the time to on-board a contingent of stormtroopers. I can make that rationalization work! Thanks for the help. Faith restored.

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