Final Irregular Choice x ‘Star Wars’ Teaser Revealed

Irregular Choice, Star Wars, Death Star Heels

We’re down to the final week of October, and while most people in North America are thinking about Halloween, many fangirls are counting down the days till the launch of the Irregular Choice x Star Wars shoe collection on Friday, October 30.

The fifth and final teaser of the limited edition collection takes fans back into the outer reaches of space with “The Death Star” heels. These platform shoes feature black metallic faux leather, a double buckle ankle strap, and two character heels (stormtrooper and Darth Vader).

(Photo: Irregular Choice)
(Photo: Irregular Choice)
(Photo: Irregular Choice)
(Photo: Irregular Choice)

The 14-piece collection goes on sale on Friday, October 30, at 12PM BST (7AM EST). If you’re in the London area, you’re invited to attend and witness the unveiling of the collection at the Irregular Choice shop on Carnaby Street. The limited edition collection will be available at all Irregular Choice stores and selected stockists as well as through

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