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Hera Syndulla Takes Flight in “Wings of the Master”

Star Wars Rebels, "Wings of the Master" Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla, voiced by the talented and amazing Vanessa Marshall, finally gets her moment to shine in an upcoming all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels. Fans of the show have been desperately waiting to learn more about her past, since we know so little of her. We do know that she’s the daughter of Cham Syndulla, a revolutionary and freedom fighter from the planet Ryloth, but why did she leave her home at such a young age? Why didn’t she stay and protect Ryloth from Imperial rule? Who taught her how to fly? This latest clip gives us a taste of what we’ve been looking for.

“You’ll have episodes where we’ll just focus in on Hera and all about her. We have more than one [episode] this year, actually, which does explain two parts of Hera’s backstory,” said supervising director and executive producer Dave Filoni in a Los Angeles press conference. “One [episode] is very much [about how] she is the pilot and what that’s about, and one gets into her family and father and why she’s not part of Ryloth and what’s happened there. Her father is a big revolutionary in Clone Wars, so you almost think it’ll be natural to be alongside him, so we get very specifically into those character backgrounds in season two, which I think we all found really exciting.”

In “Wings of the Masters”, the rebels need a new ship to help break through an Imperial blockade surrounding a struggling planet. Hera, Zeb, and Sabine go off on a dangerous mission to meet up with an eccentric ship engineer by the name of Quarrie (whose name was inspired by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie). She manages to gain his trust and test a new ship, the B-wing, in the harsh conditions of the planet’s atmosphere, but is this ship enough to get through the Imperial blockade?

“Theoretically, it should fly,” the engineer said, when Sabine asked him how many times he’d flown the new ship in a clip previously shown at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. “Better to be down here, wishing I was up there, than up there, crashing back down here!”

The B-wing first made its appearance in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, so it’s beyond awesome that Hera is the first pilot to test a ship that will take part at the Battle of Endor.

“Wings of the Master” will air on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, at 9:30PM EST on Disney XD.

Sabine and Hera in the process of entering hyperspace. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Hera and Sabine entering hyperspace. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Hera talking about her past with Quarrie. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Hera about to test the new B-wing fighter. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Kanan and Ezra about to face the Imperial blockade. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Captain Rex taking over the guns in the Ghost. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Hera flying the B-wing in space. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Quarrie looking out from the Phantom. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Commander Sato and the Ghost crew saluting. (Photos: Lucasfilm)
Hera saluting in return. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

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