The Galaxy Runway at Malaysia Fashion Week 2015

Malaysia Fashion Week 2015: Galaxy Runway

On the heels of Canada’s leading fashion event, World MasterCard Fashion Week, where a group of emerging Canadian designers participated in a Star Wars Design Competition, Malaysia Fashion Week had its very own Galaxy Runway this past weekend. The international event is the country’s only trade fashion show, featuring designers from over 15 countries. Curated by InTrend Malaysia, a publication for those passionate about beauty and fashion, the Galaxy Runway showcased a variety of out-of-this-world collections inspired by Star Wars.

One of the collections–and the most ready-to-wear out of all of them–that came down the runway was designed by LYNDARAHIM, who primarily specializes in bridal wear, and the 10-piece collection was inspired by stormtroopers.

(Photo: Aime Hasan)
Sketches of the LYNDARAHIM collection. (Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

This particular stormtrooper outfit with the front slit pants was my absolute favorite from LYNDARAHIM’s collection. You can catch a glimpse of it here.

(Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

The elegant dark side collection was designed by AZURA COUTURE, a fashion label owned by female designer NORAZURA MAZARUDDIN.

(Photo: Aime Hasan)
Sketches of the NORAZURA MAZARUDDIN’s collection. (Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

Without a doubt, the black and gold floral print dress–complete with gloves, cloak, and a stunning neck piece–was my favorite from this collection. Watch the design come down the runway in this video and the cape in action here.

(Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

Taking inspiration from the Jedi was NAWRE’s collection, designed by fashion lecturer and designer Nik Erwan, “The designs are inspired by the garments of ‘Jedi’ from the Star Wars film and highlighting the importance of comfort, blending with the elements of futuristic-themed fashion.”

(Photo: Aime Hasan)
Sketches of NAWRE’s collection. (Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

Although the black shoes didn’t exactly work for me, I really love the simplicity of this particular design. Watch the entire collection walk back up the runway here.

(Photo: Nawre Projects)

Finally, Bremen Wong’s exquisite millinery collection took inspiration from Padmé Amidala’s headdresses. Bremen specializes in creating handmade sculptural headgear and accessories, each one a work of art, so this collection was no exception.

(Photo: Aime Hasan)
Sketches of BREMEN WONG’s collection. (Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

Out of the five looks that walked the runway, this headdress and outfit won me over.

(Photo: InTrend Malaysia)

Which designs were your favorite? Leave a comment in the section below.

3 comments on “The Galaxy Runway at Malaysia Fashion Week 2015

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  3. I like the Dark Side collection. And my favorite is definitely that gold and black dress.

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