Review: Star Wars Rebels, “Brothers of the Broken Horn”

Star Wars Rebels, "Brothers of the Broken Horn" Ezra Bridger, Chopper, Hondo Ohnaka

A review by Elisa and Johnamarie. This review contains spoilers.

Last season, the crew of the Ghost met entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, a smuggler widely known for his charm. Now, they can add a humorous pirate to their list of associates as we welcome Hondo Ohnaka to the second season of Star Wars Rebels in “Brothers of the Broken Horn“. Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are quite familiar with Hondo’s quick and memorable one-liners and comebacks. But for those invested in Rebels with no connection to The Clone Wars, it’s safe to say the writers successfully captured the best of Hondo in re-introducing his character, having seen so many through social media enjoy his quirky and likable personality.

Hondo, in many ways, resembles Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Funny, morally skewed, and out to make a fortune, both men thrived in an age when piracy was more commonplace. As the British Empire and the Galactic Empire cracked down on that lifestyle, the two became a rare breed, struggling to survive in a setting that no longer profited them. Like Rex, Hondo is a relic of the past, but he still served a vital purpose in the present.

Left: Ezra strolls down memory lane, wishing he could go back to the simple life he lived before joining the crew of the Ghost. Right: Hondo Ohnaka introduces himself to his rescuer. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

Enter Ezra Bridger. Torn between being a rebel soldier and a Jedi, Ezra decided to deal with someone else’s problem instead of his own–an act with which we can all identify. He had good intentions, though, (to honor the favor he owed Cikatro Vizago) and continued to exhibit the fact that he is a good person throughout the episode (he wanted those generators for the energy crisis on the planet Rinn). Later on, however, we discovered the real reason why he had an internal conflict. In the previous episode, we saw him narrowly escape with his life when he and his Ghost crew members came face to face with two new Inquisitors. He was captured, threatened, and tortured for information. That kind of interaction leaves an indelible mark on someone so young and full of life, a mark that plays a role in questioning the paths that are presented to him.

Hondo, however, gave him an alternative: a Pirate Jedi. That kind of a life would take him back to the days prior to Kanan and the Ghost, the days he was lamenting about earlier in the episode. A life with riches, adventure, and most importantly, no Inquisitors. And putting the fun and humor aside, this was where Hondo played an important role. He recognized the fact that Ezra isn’t like him at all. Ezra is destined for bigger things that are beyond selfish gain. Hondo’s met a few prominent Jedi along the way to instantly recognize that quality of good in another person.

Left: Hondo, Ezra, and Chopper go off on an adventure. Right: Ezra returns to the Ghost and decides that he’s on the right path by being a Jedi. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

As mentioned by Dave Filoni in past interviews, he and the crew bring in these particular characters from The Clone Wars to serve a purpose. And besides serving up a lot of laughs, Hondo’s true purpose was to help Ezra see clearly which path to choose, since he was unable to see it himself (he proved to be more skillful with the saber and his Force abilities than with a blaster). That said, I wish Ezra’s dilemma hadn’t wrapped up so quickly. I would have expected for something like this to linger and fester inside of him until the decision revealed itself at a moment of great need.

Regardless, “Brothers of the Broken Horn” was a fun and entertaining episode that pushed Ezra towards a particular direction. Is it ultimately the right direction for him? We will have to wait and see what this path brings him down the line.

Elisa’s Thoughts:

  • Since they first met, I’ve enjoyed seeing Kanan and Rex’s relationship grow and evolve. While the last episode showed that they could get along when it came to a game, this episode helped solidify that they–Kanan more than Rex–are on the road to building a friendship. Even with them both vying for Ezra’s time, their interactions were calm and more respectful to one another. Kanan wasn’t short with Rex even after Ezra left and that shows leaps and bounds of improvement.
  • I love how Zeb stands up when Kanan and Rex come into the room for the meeting. Also, I really adore the chair he sits on. I want to know the story around it.
  • Personally, I had been anticipating the favour Ezra owed Vizago to be something of greater consequence than what we had, but I suppose, overall, I’m okay with it.
  • The music Hondo is listening to when we first see him makes me wish that we could hear more about the media that’s produced in the Star Wars universe.
  • I find it really great that Ezra uses Lando’s name after Hondo tells a story of acquiring Vizago’s ship the way Lando actually loses the Falcon to Han.
  • Chopper wielding blasters was amazing! If at some point in the series, we don’t get Chopper using a lightsaber, I will be beyond sad.
  • Love the cut from Ezra in the hall with Vizago to him in the escape pod, and his little wave! So cute!
  • Despite the underlying message of the episode, I would love it if Ezra, ultimately, did not become a Jedi, but was a Force user who did something else. At this point, Kanan’s been pulling him along to be this thing, and Ezra’s been going along with it, but from what I remember, he’s never actually said that this is what he wants to do.
  • I enjoyed this episode for a few reasons. I liked seeing Ezra in his element, which seems to be interacting with people and giving them a chance, especially when they’re people that others aren’t or wouldn’t be as open to. I also enjoyed seeing more of his abilities. We saw some skill last episode, but this one allowed him to show off his growing force powers more than once and that’s always great to see.

Make sure to tune into the next all-new episode, “Wings of the Master”, on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, at 9:30PM EST on Disney XD.

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