Her Universe Unveils New ‘Star Wars’ Apparel for the Holidays

Hot Topic, Star Wars by Her Universe Collection: Darth Vader Cape Dress
(Photo: Ashley Eckstein)

Fangirls speak up and Ashley Eckstein listens! An all-new Star Wars fashion collection—featuring sophisticated dresses, knit sweaters, character-inspired jackets, Star Wars: The Force Awakens tops, and more—is now available at select Hot Topic stores, online at, and at

“This is just the beginning of what’s to come in 2016,” Ashley said in an interview with Lisa Granshaw at The Daily Dot. “We already have another Star Wars fashion collection in development that is amazing and I really think it’s crazy how far Star Wars fashion has come over the past five years. I mean, we wanted a T-shirt five years ago and now we’re talking to Lucasfilm about full fashion collections. It’s exciting.”

Fangirls will also be excited to know that the collection will also extend over to Torrid, a retail chain dedicated to plus-size fashion.

“Torrid has a couple of pieces that Hot Topic didn’t order,” she told Granshaw. “We have a lightsaber dress. Our kind-of-iconic-now lightsaber skirt that everyone’s seen this year, we turned that into a dress for Torrid and they also have a stormtrooper sweater that is exclusive to Torrid, so there’s going to be a lot of Star Wars by Her Universe between Hot Topic and Torrid and almost everything is in extended sizes or plus sizes so we’re really excited about that.”

Top to bottom, left to right:
Darth Vader Pleather Jacket | Hot Topic, Her Universe
Boba Fett Bomber Jacket | Hot Topic
Darth Vader Cape Dress | Hot Topic
BB-8 Bomber Jacket | Hot Topic, Her Universe
Princess Leia Dress | Hot Topic
Darth Vader Knit Sweater | Hot Topic
R2-D2 Knit Sweater | Hot Topic
Ewok Costume Hoodie | Hot Topic

For those living in the area, Her Universe has also partnered up with Disney Parks, bringing more than 30 different styles of Star Wars products.

“We’re sending Disney Parks a ton of new designs,” she said in an interview with Twin Suns Transmission. “Between November and December, look for different waves of Star Wars products coming to the Parks and coming to Disney stores and some really new and unique designs … Disney’s been such a great partner. We’ve been working with them for several months now to make that happen. Definitely expect some new holiday products at We have a new holiday pin with the autograph certificate that comes with it. Lots of new stuff coming, for sure.”

Ashley will also be at Watto’s Grotto on November 27 and 28. Make sure to stop by and show your support!

Her Universe’s Star Wars apparel at Watto’s Grotto. (Photos: Skywalking Through Neverland)

Additionally, as a way to celebrate the upcoming and highly anticipated film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, (and just in time for Black Friday) Her Universe also released a brand new wave of Star Wars clothes at, featuring the Caroling Heroes Pullover based on the Star Wars Holiday Special, the BB-8 A-line Dress, and more.

Here’s a complete list of the latest wave of new products currently available at

her-universe-star-wars-holiday-pin-bb8Wait, there’s more! Every holiday season, Her Universe offers a free Star Wars holiday pin (and Ashley Eckstein autographed certificate). This year, a BB-8 pin will be included in orders of $25.00 or more starting on Black Friday, while supplies last. Plus, according to the holiday press release:

Her Universe will be celebrating the holidays with special offers throughout November and December beginning with a holiday sale from November 26th through November 29th offering up to 60% off select items and free US Smart Post shipping on orders of $25.00 or more (through November 30th). On Cyber Monday five lucky customers placing an order that day will be randomly selected to receive a $100.00 Her Universe Gift Card. And to celebrate the return of Star Wars to the big screen with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, every order placed on December 18th (opening day of the film) will receive an exclusive BB-8 patch. The Force will be with Her Universe customers that day!

Finally, Ashley is calling on all of the Her Universe fans to share their #MyStarWarsStory on social media.

“We want you to step into the spotlight and share your Star Wars story,” Ashley wrote in an open letter to the fans as part of the latest press release. “What does Star Wars mean to you? When did you first see Star Wars? When did you realize that you were a Star Wars fan? Everyone has a story and we want to hear yours! Use the hashtag #MyStarWarsStory on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let’s celebrate together!”

Upload your video explaining what Star Wars means to you with the hashtag #MyStarWarsStory, and you may end up in a Her Universe/Hot Topic fan appreciation video. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping, start recording, and continue counting down to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December.

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