TWG’s 2015 ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Gift Guide

Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Welcome to my 2015 Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide! There are so many cool Star Wars things out there, it would be impossible to include everything, so I narrowed my list down to a handful of items I adore because they express who I am as a Star Wars fangirl. So whether you're shopping for yourself or for someone else, give these six Star Wars items a shot!


First up is a book I think every Star Wars fan should read. It's called Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. This could be the perfect holiday gift for book lovers as well as a great gift for fans looking to jump into Star Wars literature.


For those looking to decorate desks and shelves with a dash of Star Wars, I highly recommend the Disney Infinity figures featuring characters from the original trilogy, prequel era, and the new movie set to premiere in December. The sculpts and coloring are absolutely amazing and above any quality seen from other action figures. Collect them all!


A fangirl also has to rock an awesome Star Wars jacket. My favorite? The BB-8 Bomber Jacket by Her Universe. This little droid has captured the hearts of fans from the moment it appeared on screen, so it's no surprise that BB-8 merch is everywhere. If you're planning to rock a Star Wars: The Force Awakens look when the movie comes out, then the BB-8 jacket is the way to start.


If you're looking to splurge on a new pair of shoes, then look no further than Irregular Choice. The international footwear brand recently released a stellar collection of Star Wars shoes. Sold out? Check out the remaining shoes still available in the Irregular Choice shops (online) for UK/US and the stockists that have select pairs closer to home. Trust me, you don't want to miss out this!


Some of us love to express our love of Star Wars through jewelry. If you're looking for pretty and affordable midi rings, necklaces, hair clips, and more, definitely check out Love and Madness. This online shop has a wide selection of Star Wars jewelry for fangirls of all ages. Also, they have the coolest Star Wars temporary tattoos. What's not to love!?


Last but certainly not least, you may have noticed by now that this is a hand written post. Known for the highest quality writing instruments, Cross and Lucasfilm have combined forces and created a quality line of Star Wars pens and journals. My mom is a longtime Cross Pens owner, so I inherited my love of these pens from her. If you're a writer (writing your own Star Wars fanfiction) and looking to pen your thoughts and stories down, I highly recommend Cross. You won't be disappointed!



That's that for my 2015 Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide! Happy shopping, and may the Force be with you!

From top to bottom:
Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, $9.89 at Amazon
Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren Figure, $12.59 at Amazon
BB-8 Bomber Jacket, $60.00 at Her Universe
Irregular Choice’s “I Know” Flats, $159.00 at JapanLA
Star Wars Midi Rings, $20.00 at Love and Madness
C-3PO Gel Ink Pen, $45.00 at Cross

1 comment on “TWG’s 2015 ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Great ideas! I got myself a PS4 for Christmas so I plan to get Disney Infinity tomorrow on sale so I’ll have to get a Sabine figure too.

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