British Designers Showcase Designs at “Fashion Finds the Force” Event

Star Wars: Fashion Finds the Force. (Photo: Dave Benett)

Disney and Lucasfilm partnered up with ten London-based fashion designers to showcase a garment collection inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Thursday, November 26.

It was also a big night for Procter & Gamble’s popular cosmetic line, Max Factor. The makeup at the showcase was done by renowned makeup artist and the Global Creative Design Director for Max Factor, Pat McGrath. McGrath spoke to Glamour Magazine and stated that bold, graphic eyes are next season’s big trend, so she took that style and made it the focus of the dark side looks at the event. As for the light side, she used this season’s popular color–gold–to create fresh and metallic looks.

Daisy Ridley also made an appearance at the fashion presentation, along with Anthony Daniels.

Daisy Ridley posing in front of a statue of her character and BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Photo: Dave Benett)

“Ridley’s cream metallic gown featured futuristic abstract detailing on the front and a cut out back with statement red strap,” wrote The Huffington Post‘s Rosy Cherrington. “The 23-year-old kept her accessories to a minimum, but teamed the look with a pair of nude Christian Louboutin heels with complementing red soles.”

The fashion designers who presented at the Old Selfridges Hotel included Agi & Sam, Bobby AbleyChristopher Raeburn, Claire BarrowJ.W. Anderson, Nasir Mazhar, Peter Pilotto, Phoebe English, Preen, and Thomas Tait.

Prior to the event, Mazhar, Barrow, and Abley spoke to British magazine i-D in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

Each incredible catwalk garment could be yours by entering the “Fashion Finds the Force” online auction. The proceeds will go towards the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity on behalf of Star Wars: Force for Change.

Agi & Sam

Look #1: Panelled coat and trousers
Look #2: Panelled jacket and trousers

“Lightsabers are integral to some of the most climactic moments in Star Wars history: moments between life and death. The sharp intensity of colour is a metaphor for this definitive moment in time. Our catwalk concepts are made from plastic panels which are layered into the coats and trousers, defying regular construction methods, and creating an interesting alternative to everyday staple garments. The overlaying of translucent plastics in varying hues creates interesting colour blends, and our research into the break down of colours seen through a prism when the lightsaber colour is refracted through it is what inspired these colours, and is consistent throughout the looks.”

Bobby Abley

Look #1: Tracksuit with scuba top
Look #2: Sweatshirt and track pants

“My Star Wars looks are inspired by the classic Star Wars logo and Captain Phasma, the chrome armor-wearing leader of the new group of Stromtroopers in The Force Awakens. The primary red and blue colors I have used within my designs are a classic throwback to my childhood and when I first fell in love with Star Wars.”

Christopher Raeburn

Look #1: Woman’s Layered Look
Look #2: Man’s Layered Jedi Look

“My designs are inspired by an experiment with Star Wars iconography; light and dark, The Resistance and First Order; a classic play grounded in our Christopher Raeburn spot camouflage configuration.”

Claire Barrow

Look #1: Silver hand painted dress
Look #2: Swarovski embellished bodysuit

“I wanted the pieces to look ethereal so both of my designs feature sleek stretch silhouettes; a silhouette similar to C-3PO and also the armour of Captain Phasma. Going lightspeed into hyperspace in the Millennium Falcon inspires the black body-suit design which is covered in 10,000 Swarovski® crystals. The silver dress is designed to look like a shiny surface reflecting the Stormtroopers stood in front of Captain Phasma, listening to her orders.”

* The bionic arm featured with this garment was made by Open Bionics and Claire Barrow. It was modeled by Grace Mandeville.

J.W. Anderson

Look #1: Womenswear Look
Look #2: Menswear Look

“Based on looks from my Men’s SS16 show, which connected to the spirit of Star Wars, my outfits comprise quilted crop tops with padded collars, patch-worked trousers and accessories. Sheen/silver transfer stickers and cotton patches with Star Wars inspired imagery have been patch-worked onto garments and handmade quilts and carried alongside metal objects hung with Star Wars figures, ships and toy weapons. Evoking the spirit of collectables, symbolise teenage fandom and reference Star Wars characters; models carry tools, weapons or accessories. The hybrid of sci-fi/combat and playfulness gives the look of nomadic peace troopers.”

Nasir Mazhar

Look #1: Woman’s multi-layered look
Look #2: X-Wing pilot trouser and bag

“A X-Wing fighter pilot inspires my Star Wars menswear look and Rey inspires the womenswear multi-layered look.”

Peter Pilotto

Look #1: Lamé jumpsuit and polo
Look #2: Cutabout dress and polo

“The embroidered design on our Star Wars dress is inspired by the moment the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive powers it into lightspeed. For our jumpsuit we took inspiration from the character Poe Dameron, the X-Wing fighter pilot.”

Phoebe English

Look #1: Layered dress, top and trouser
Look #2: Black multi-layered look

“The black multi-layered look is inspired by the strength of Stormtroopers, as seen in the emphasis and visual strength of the shoulder area of this textile waistcoat. The white layered look references motion and movement associated with space travel, as seen in the frenetic swinging hem line and complex overlapping lines of the textile construction in this dress.”


Look #1Star Wars print belted dress
Look #2Star Wars print knitted dress and shirt

“For us the starting point was looking at images of Kylo Ren, the black and graphic red of the lightsaber. When we think of Star Wars it’s always the light and the dark, we added the white to give the light. We incorporated a triple wrap on the dress neck inspired by Rey’s outfit and thought of traditional jedi robes. The Kimono belt feels very Jedi and the long lean united jacquard knit dress is streamline and strong, combined with a kimono sleeved crisp white shirt.”

Thomas Tait

Look #1: Racer dress and trouser
Look #2: Cape and trouser

“I was particularly interested in the romantic yet crude contrast of the natural landscapes versus the robotic and mechanical/vehicular characters portrayed in the films. I love that the world of Star Wars always manages to encapsulate an environment with an aesthetic that balances between the future and the past especially when illustrating the highly industrial nature of the machines and physical tools/weapons that have become so integral to the ever evolving world and story of Star Wars.”

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  1. Thanks for the coverage on this event! You’re awesome :) I really like the silver hand-painted dress by Claire Barrow. I also really like what Daisy Ridley wore. It reminds me of something a modern-day Rey would wear.

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