Rebels Chat: Episode 25, Stealth Strike

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Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast, where Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels episode: “Stealth Strike”.

We talk about Ezra’s growing Force abilities, the similarities to A New Hope, Kallus and Sato’s views regarding Ezra, Kanan’s newfound friendship with Captain Rex, Chopper saving the day once again, my undying love for Rex, fan questions, and much more!

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At 123.5 MB, this episode is about one hour and four minutes long.

1 comment on “Rebels Chat: Episode 25, Stealth Strike

  1. Respectfully in regards to the question late on, I think Ezra was more the gung-ho one myself, more so than Kanan. True he’s in more dire straits than Kanan, but I feel like Ezra is “feeling it” in regards to his new found prowess & is “running when he should still be walking more” to re-work a common phrase. My “insight/intuition” (in the Star Wars sense of those terms) tell me that going forward we will still see Ezra struggle with giving over to aggression & anger like when he brought forth the huge Alpha fyrnock in season one. Of course I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first nor the last time, but it feels to me like Ezra’s teenage cockiness is still being set up as a major plot device & character arc. Luke got his posterior handed to him in Empire & I’ll be surprised (& honestly disappointed a little) if Ezra doesn’t get the same kind of humbling at some point.

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