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Ahsoka Sends Kanan and Ezra on a Mission in “The Future of the Force”

Star Wars Rebels, "The Future of the Force" Ahsoka Tano

While the Ghost crew have been assisting people in need and aiding the rebellion, Ahsoka Tano’s been leading her own mission to learn more about the Sith Lord she encountered at the start of the second season. In “The Future of the Force”, Ahsoka’s search leads her back at the Ghost‘s doorstep, where she privately talks to Kanan about the Sith Lord’s Inquisitors and a set of coordinates she wants him and Ezra to investigate.

Where do the coordinates lead? And what will Ezra and Kanan discover?

This episode will take Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans back to season two, when Anakin and Ahsoka ventured to Mustafar in “Children of the Force” to save kidnapped Force sensitive children from an evil plot coordinated by Darth Sidious.

“The natural talent these children possess is too great to be wasted by the Jedi,” said Darth Sidious as he watched over the stolen children. “I foresee an army of Force talented spies in my service, trained in the dark side to peer into every corner of the galaxy from afar.”

Sound familiar? (Hint: Inquisitors!)

The Inquisitors are ruthless, ripping Force sensitive children away from their parents, as seen in the preview clip from the latest Rebels Recon. They’re products of Darth Sidious’ grand scheme, but will Ezra, Kanan, and the rest of the crew succeed in their mission against the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister? We’ll have to wait and see!

I’m excited to see the Seventh Sister (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Kanan (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) face off for the first time. It’s fun knowing that their characters are on opposite sides of these dark times. I’m also thrilled to see more of Ezra’s growing abilities. As seen in “The Inquisitors Strike” clip, he managed to connect with the baby the same way he had connected with Tseebo in season one. And of course, I’m beyond excited to see Ahsoka in action. Fans at New York Comic Con had the opportunity to see an exclusive clip from this episode and it left everyone wanting more.

“The Future of the Force” airs on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, at 9:30PM EST on Disney XD.

Images from the upcoming episode, “The Future of the Force”. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

2 comments on “Ahsoka Sends Kanan and Ezra on a Mission in “The Future of the Force”

  1. DID YOU NOTICE THE SCORE?? *_* When the hangar doors open to show Ahsoka’s silhouette, there’s something like the light side version of Darth Maul’s sinister choir.
    I … I just can’t …
    It’s so well done. All of it. <3

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