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Thoughts on ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Being Renewed for a Third Season

Star Wars Rebels, "Legends of the Lasat", Season Three Renewal

The time to report on the Star Wars Rebels season renewal came and went, but for those of you who haven’t heard, Star Wars Rebels has been renewed for a third season and it will premiere later in 2016. The third season is currently in production, as originally stated by the press release, and I’m still overjoyed to know that the show is moving along and continuing the adventures of the Ghost crew.

Taylor Gray talking to some of the fans at WinterCon 2015.

There’s a long way to go before season two ends and season three starts, since the last episode airing in 2015 will be “Legacy” on December 9 and the series will return in January 2016 with the remaining 11 episodes of the second season. And I definitely don’t want to rush through it, since Rebels is my weekly dose of escape featuring some of my favorite characters from the universe, like Ezra Bridger.

I recently attended WinterCon 2015 in New York City and had the opportunity to meet Taylor Gray, the voice of Ezra, in person. I asked him about the renewal and he said that they had been recording season three for a few months now. Even Kanan himself, Freddie Prinze, Jr., took to Twitter on Thursday, December 3, and said, “They finally announced it I can finally say ‘it’s Rebels record day!’ Dats right homies! I was already recording S3 on #ColliderJediCouncil,” a video and audio podcast that had him as a guest in late October 2015.

“If you want to say he passed one of his Jedi trials in season one, I would agree with that,” he said during the interview. “You can argue he passed two of them and you could maybe get away with that. At the end of season two, a trial is complete. Everyone will know exactly what it is and it’s the kind of thing that sort of makes or breaks you as a Jedi, I think. I’ve never, to my knowledge, seen a Jedi have to endure what his character is going to have to endure and how it’s going to affect, not only Ezra, but the relationship between him and Hera.”

The first thing that comes to my mind is attachment, but it can’t be that simple of a guess, right? Then again, what kind of a trial would affect both Ezra (who still exhibits signs of having a crush on Sabine) and Hera? Or, it could be his continued role in a military operation. Although we see him gradually adjusting, we don’t know how that may change for him in the future, and so far, that’s been the one thing he and Hera didn’t exactly see eye to eye on at the start of the second season.

I know we still have a lot more story to go, but I also can’t help think about the season two finale. Of course, Dave Filoni has those details on lockdown.

“They won’t let us see the last episode of season two until it comes out, and that’s going to be on Dave’s order, because it’s so beautiful and special and epic and awesome. But just building up to that, there are more legendary characters to come. Some you’ve seen in season one and some you have not seen yet. And there’s new characters as well.”

One classic character who will be returning to the series, according to TV Insider, is Yoda (Frank Oz). Last time we saw him, he appeared on the screen as a cluster of bright lights, guiding Ezra through his task of acquiring a lightsaber crystal. It’d be great to see him impart more wisdom on Kanan and Ezra in a future episode.

In terms of new characters, however, we will be revisiting Sabine’s past and one Mandalorian character who may be connected to her story will be voiced by Kevin McKidd. Freddie Prinze, Jr., had a bit more to say on that subject, “That character will have a cool presence in the show and in the show’s future, and the actor playing the role is … highly capable, and if he wasn’t highly capable, that character would be a one-off instead of a plan for the future.”

Like anyone else heavily invested in the Mandalorian storyline, I’m interested to see more of Sabine’s story as well as the current condition of Mandalore. Even if we don’t go to Mandalore and get those burning questions answered, I know that the Star Wars Rebels crew have many other amazing storylines planned for the audience. They can’t give us everything, even though we continually beg them to do just that, but they give us pieces of the universe on a weekly basis and that’s the right amount for me because after every episode, my imagination takes over and expands each scene, each character expression, and each line of dialogue. After all, the best part of storytelling is being inspired to keep the story going in your head, even after it’s done.

8 comments on “Thoughts on ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Being Renewed for a Third Season

  1. Miss Clark

    Reblogged this on The Blue Castle and commented:
    Season two has been really well done thus far and while I was just excited for the rest of the episodes, it is even better to know that we will have a season three!

  2. I’m an anti Kanan/Hera relationship! I really don’t want it to happen. I love their friendship right now at it’s platonic best and have written a few blog posts on it because I believe it’s important for children and adults to see that men and women can be friends…and nothing else.

    As for being renewed a 3rd season – woot woot! I’m loving this show so the more the better.

    • Hm, I can see your point.
      Most of my friends are men (I’ve always been kind of a tomboy … ;) ), so friendship between men and women is something I don’t think about much – it’s there and it’s good and it’s normal. My husband and I are best friends, and lovers, and parents, so I’m haunted by something else: I’m haunted by the fact that parents are almost never shown as lovers in media. No lovers, no protagonists. Parents are just parents, kind of standing in the protagonist’s background, used to one another. (Although “The dancing and the dreaming” in How to train your Dragon 2 is there for people like me and I appreciate it very much. ;) )
      Therefore I want Kanera to happen, because I want it to be normal that “parents” (yeah, I know, the space parent-thing ;) ) are protagonists, and lovers, and friends, and all of those things I just randomly interpret into them. ^_^

      • Good point. I like that argument and gives me a little hope that if a romantic thing does happen, hopefully it will be treated well.

        My problems with parents in the media is that they are sometimes shown as bumbling fools. Whatever happened to parents like in Little Women where Marmee was a constant confidant for her girls and a wise leader? When her husband came home they were equal partners and loved each other dearly. That’s what I would like to see more of in media.

  3. I remember FPJr in another, earlier interview with “GamerMD83”, and I’ve quoted him on my Tumblr, and I shall now quote him again:

    [Kanan & Hera’s] relationship goes to an unbelievably SPECIAL PLACE due to this sort of character on the outside – that our show’s fortunate enough to bring in – that brings these two characters even closer together, and they learn so much more about one another…

    My — admittedly very wild — speculation is that Kanan-Hera relationship will be officiated. And Yoda… well maybe he will finally “expel” Kanan from the Old Jedi Order — based on the ‘rules’ of the OJO — but at the same time he wished Kanan-Hera well, for the OJO’s time is past, and it’s time for a new, evolved Jedi. (Something Depa Billaba had hinted at in Kanan #1).

    And yes, this might be running roughshod over the “no attachment” rule of the OJO, but that rule is flawed anyways. And besides, although Kanan is attached to Hera (it was explicitly mentioned so in Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, under the title “Unconventional Jedi”. See my Tumblr post), Kanan was never possessive, nor was he ever obsessed. And he was willing to give his life to save all he loved and cared for (“Call to Action”, and to a lesser extent, “Stealth Strike”).

    Whoa I’m rambling. Sorry ’bout that :-)

    • That’s a great theory! I wish I knew what the Rebels team had up their sleeves. It’d be great to see more of Hera and Kanan’s relationship. Their relationship is special (and awesome), I just want to see where this is going for them. Gah! So many emotions. I can’t wait! Thanks for commenting! Love the research and feedback you provide in the community!

  4. “I’ve never, to my knowledge, seen a Jedi have to endure what his character is going to have to endure and how it’s going to affect, not only Ezra, but the relationship between him and Hera.” O____o
    Reading this I yesterday went “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! NOOOO!!!!” My husband asked what’s up, I told him, he went “AAAAAAHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” and our kids came in: “What’s the matter with you?”
    Me: “It’s something about Rebels.”
    Kids: “You have to tell us what happens!”

    I am scared to death.

    • Oh I’m totally scared out of my mind because ANYTHING can happen. That feeling of not knowing always creeps up on me and I just want to shake my fists in the air! FEELS!

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