Review: Star Wars Rebels, “The Future of the Force”

Star Wars Rebels,

A review by Elisa and Johnamarie. This review contains spoilers.

There’s nothing more entertaining than seeing three men struggle to calm a baby down. “The Future of the Force” gave us that and more, including taking fans back down memory lane to when Anakin and Ahsoka had saved a pair of Force sensitive babies in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This episode also featured the return of Ahsoka, a recurring character who had taken off to find more answers about the Sith Lord she had encountered earlier this season. And unlike past episodes, where the Ghost crew carry out one mission and continue onto the next, this particular mission presented an alternative journey for Kanan and Ezra–one that I hadn’t seen coming.

I am one of the biggest Ahsoka Tano fans you’ll find out there. That character has been one of the most positive impacts in my life. That said, this show isn’t about Ahsoka, despite the audience begging to see more of her. Although I’m desperate to find out more about what she’s done and where she’s been, this is not the venue for that. I like that her appearance isn’t random. Each time she’s appeared on the screen, it was done to serve a purpose. In this case, the information she gathered and the missions she tasked to herself and Kanan helped reinforce that these two characters don’t know as much as the audience expects. It was the perfect opportunity to remind viewers that the Empire has dark secrets that this fledgling rebellion doesn’t know about. Not only was the lack of knowledge about the Inquisitors’ secondary mission believable, but now that the knowledge exists, the rebels can do something about it.

This episode was also the first time we saw Ahsoka in action. It was a necessary (and awesome) demonstration of her skill because earlier this season, we saw Vader’s brute strength and power against Kanan and Ezra. Everyone’s desperate to see an Ahsoka and Vader confrontation, and I’m sure the story will eventually take us there, but for the time being, the audience is now more aware of how far more advanced she is both in combat skills and in using the Force compared to the last time we saw her in The Clone Wars. It goes to show, once again, that this was done with a purpose in mind and that it wasn’t just a fight written into the script for the sake of having lightsaber action in the episode.

The Force sensitive children definitely brought out some of the best moments in the episode, especially in how the rest of the team interacted with them. Ezra using his ability to connect with Pypey during a near-death moment has to be a favorite of mine, since it demonstrated how Ezra grabbed control of a situation that could have ended his life. The writers developing his character approach him in such a well-rounded way (I truly appreciate that) because we know everyone else’s special skills and traits in the crew, but Ezra is still learning and growing. So from lightsaber handling to leadership to connecting with living beings, we’re gradually seeing him become a well-rounded individual.

Finally, I was most intrigued by Kanan’s final words in the episode in regards to the children, “I guess that task falls to us now.” That opens up a different space highway for our heroes because who says the future of the Force has to be led and looked after by the characters from the original trilogy? That’s what most people would expect, but that one line of dialogue from Kanan helped put things into perspective. Daunting as it may be, this is a task that they can take up themselves and it gives them a renewed sense of purpose in their fight against the Empire. It’s a brilliant and ingenious line to insert, especially coming from a character who repeatedly finds a new purpose for himself (first with Hera giving him a reason to fight in A New Dawn, followed by Ezra at the start of the series, and now, as a potential keeper of the future of the Force).

Elisa’s Thoughts:

  • As far as openings go, I’m pretty sure that this episode had the darkest one so far in the series, which makes me worried if another episode in the future is going to top it.
  • It was great to see Ahsoka again, and I really enjoyed watching Kanan interact with her. This scene also affirmed for people who may not watch Rebels Recon that Ahsoka doesn’t consider herself a Jedi, and that she is separate from Kanan in that way.
  • For as dark and awful as the implication was, I really enjoyed that this episode was a continuation of sorts from what we saw in The Clone Wars.
  • Takobo was absolutely stunning and I can’t say enough about it. I adored the design of the city; so much of it is incredible to look at. Every scene highlighting its individuality was breathtaking.
  • I love the music that played when Ahsoka was on the transport and she was looking at the lightsaber marks on the wall.
  • Chopper and Zeb interacting is still one of my favourite things.
  • The Seventh Sister’s probes were so cute-looking.
  • As someone who was gasping in shock at this scene the first time I saw it, I would really like to think that Zeb, who couldn’t understand Chopper last we saw him, got it horribly wrong with Chopper’s comment about blowing up the TIE fighters. That, or Chopper just has a dark sense of humor, which I’d fully believe.
  • I am now curious how many languages Kanan can understand. This goes along with Sabine and wanting to see her use an alien language again in another episode.
  • I loved the design of the droid that carried Pypey, and it breaks my heart knowing what happened to it.
  • Pypey has to be one of the cutest babies I have ever seen in Star Wars, and I don’t care what Zeb says!
  • I loved that Kanan did absolutely nothing when it came to Pypey and only reminded Ezra that he had the ability to connect.
  • The adversarial relationship between the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother was something I hadn’t been expecting to enjoy so much when we first met them.
  • There were so many moments in this episode with the cast interacting with babies, and I absolutely loved it, especially when it came to Chopper and Ezra playing with them. The animation for Ezra when he was in the background with Pypey and making funny faces at him was adorable and a wonderful thing to have in there.
  • I really want to believe that there was more to it when we saw Ezra talk to Pypey outside of the building and the Seventh Sister’s probe heard it. Going in, he was the one that alerted Kanan to the droid. I truly feel and hope that even with the rushing he was doing, that he wouldn’t have forgotten about it on his way out. Even if it looks like he did.
  • Zeb grabbing and running along with Kanan under his arm was something that I hadn’t expected going in, but I need more of that now.
  • Zeb’s expression when Kanan said he didn’t know that there was a speeder waiting for them was priceless. Also, their poor Ithorian driver. I can only imagine what they were thinking through the whole thing. Saying that, I am amazed that they weren’t in a constant and audible panic.
  • The fights in this episode were amazing to watch, especially with all the different styles being used by the different weapon users. And while I adored the Seventh Sister fighting Kanan, seeing Ahsoka fighting her was incredible. I’m also curious, have we seen the Fifth Brother actually have a lightsaber fight? He seemed to focus more on using his powers, even when his opponent was weaponless, like Zeb.
  • I liked that this was another instance of Ezra taking charge when it came to getting Kanan to get going.
  • Kanan saying the task fell to them, potentially he and Ahsoka, over the actual Rebellion makes me worried for if and when this all potentially comes crashing down.
  • So we have our final shot, with the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother hearing from the probe droid what Ezra said. Again, I’d really like to believe that Ezra was more aware than to let that slip, even with the hectic-ness that was going on, but if it is what it is, then I won’t mind it.
  • This was a fantastic episode and I can’t wait to see where this storyline continues and ultimately leads to.

Make sure to tune into the next all-new episode, “Legacy”, on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at 9:30PM EST on Disney XD.

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2 Comments on Review: Star Wars Rebels, “The Future of the Force”

  1. My mind keeps wondering about Kanan’s statement, “And now there’s no Jedi Order to protect them. Okay, I guess that task falls to us now.”

    That seems to be a hint at how SWR will evolve, and also a nice way to sidestep the plot hole / question on, “Why Ahsoka/Kanan/Ezra did not appear in the Original Trilogy?”

    My guess — a headcanon, if you will — is that the three Force Sensitives (Forcies! I’m pushing for this one-word term to be accepted everywhere! :D) will kind of “exile” themselves to busy themselves with the “Jedi business” of training and raising young Forcies. Oh, and Kanan — maintaining his relationship with Hera — will be an example for all the young Forcies of how you can be emotionally attached to someone yet not obsessed, and still finding the center. Thus fulfilling and spreading Depa Billaba’s last teachings to Caleb Dume: “The Jedi must evolve”, and “… those emotions are valuable and must not be suppressed, but they must be ruled, lest they rule over you.”


    • Forcies! I’ll have to use that in the future, haha! And I totally agree with you on that headcanon. Although, I can’t help but think that Kanan will be a Ben Kenobi to Ezra in that he will unfortunately perish–I know, I hate that thought too–I can still see them fulfilling that mission in a secluded region somewhere, which, like you said, answers the whole “why aren’t they present in ANH” question. I love, love, love that line of dialogue from Kanan because it really opens up the story. And I’m glad you highlighted that Depa quote because that’s exactly what the Jedi have to do next: evolve. Great stuff! I can’t wait to see where it will all go in the end!


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