Five Artists Dreaming Up Their Own ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Clothes

Star Wars Rebels Geek Fashion by RadicalRebelCat

2015 has been a tremendous year for Star Wars fashion, with Star Wars inspired collections walking down runways around the world and the ever-expanding roster of clothing companies producing more and more Star Wars everyday apparel for the masses. Fans of the franchise have also been inspired by the galaxy far, far away and its characters, taking pencil to paper (or stylus pen to tablet) and expressing some of their own Star Wars fashion ideas.

Clone Wars Geek Fashion by Melissa Thomas

There’s definitely no shortage of clothing inspired by classic Star Wars characters, like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and random stormtrooper. There are so many other characters in the Star Wars universe from which to draw inspiration, but companies often rely on garments featuring more marketable characters or have completely shifted focus over to newer characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After all, such is the way of business. Fans, however, like Melissa Thomas, have taken to sketching some of their own garments inspired by the characters they love and hold so dearly. Take, for example, her Captain Rex dress and hoodie. Without a doubt, there are plenty of fans out there who would buy these in a heartbeat!

Star Wars Rebels Geek Fashion by Radical Rebel Cat

The lack of Star Wars Rebels clothing is truly disturbing, especially given the wealth of unique symbols and art present in the series. Tumblr user Radical Rebel Cat created a few designs of her own, bringing a few questions to mind: How are there no lekku leggings? Where are the Ezra logo shirts? Why hasn’t the Starbird symbol been used on a cute tank? With the series being renewed for a third season, here’s hoping Star Wars Rebels fans get more than just a handful of generic t-shirts in the near future.


Sweaters Collection by Emma Swanson

Apparel design student Emma Swanson created a sweaters collection inspired by Star Wars characters for a sweater knits course last spring, and the collection is beyond amazing. As much as fans love the classic Star Wars logo t-shirt, a majority of the fan community want geeky garments and everyday wear that don’t scream Star Wars and that could be easily incorporated into more professional settings. Swanson found that perfect balance with her sweaters collection, extracting iconic features and colors to represent each character.

star-wars-sweater-collection-by-emma-swanson-01 star-wars-sweater-collection-by-emma-swanson-02 star-wars-sweater-collection-by-emma-swanson-03 star-wars-sweater-collection-by-emma-swanson-04 star-wars-sweater-collection-by-emma-swanson-05 star-wars-sweater-collection-by-emma-swanson-06

Jacket Collection by Gale Rosse

After watching a Star Wars marathon, fashion blogger and fashion illustrator Gale Rosse was inspired to design a jacket collection. There aren’t many Star Wars jackets out there, and the ones that do exist are aimed towards the younger crowd. In Rosse’s collection, each design takes details and features from iconic Star Wars characters and transforms them into modern and wearable jackets. Read up on Rosse’s posts over at his blog and follow his Instagram for more updates.

“The jacket is a fusion between the cape and the top all in the same jacket. Additionally, I designed a harem trouser with kind of transparent scarf in the top of the trouser and military monk boots.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)
“The jacket has the shape of Edwardian blazers but with wide sleeve with elastic cuffs, mesh fabric in the center and all the design is a deconstruction of the outfit and color of Yoda.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)
“The first design is inspired by the costume of Boba Fett. The top is a bomber jacket with two sleeves and overlapping cuts in the chest and a gray stripes fabric with a vertical mustard stripe in contrast with the bomber jacket and black boots. For the second one, I’m inspired by Clone Troopers, specially in the helmet and part of the body. It’s a straight cut jacket with a point collar, semi wide sleeves with belts detail and zipper, and for the trouser, a white slim fit trouser with a vertical black stripe and white sneakers.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)
“First is his Jedi version when he was young. I took the concept of his uniform and deconstructed the pieces and I created a tuxedo version with details of leather in the body of the tuxedo, the sleeves and in the cuffs with a belt detail. The lapels of the tuxedo are of a tone lighter of brown to make contrast and the closing of the jacket is like the belt of the uniform of Anakin but in a small version. A turtle sweater that [reminds me of] when he was a child, a straight trouser with leather horizontal stripes detail and monk boots with metal detail. And the last one inspired [by] Darth Vader is a structured long coat with bomber collar, rounded sleeves that resembles the cape, various tones of black with different textures of quilting lines, light gray shirt with hidden buttons, straight black trouser and monks shoes with metallic detail. The lining of both designs [reflects] the color of the lightsabers.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)
“For this design, I took the bomber jacket (that is my favorite style jacket) and I did a gradation of brown for the hairy skin of Chewie with short hair faux fur sleeves, white leather detail in the chest that represents the belt that he has in the chest, side black pockets, black knit collar and cuffs, and black chiffon detail in the final of the bomber. Slim fit brown leather trousers with dark brown vertical stripes and white high tops sneakers with metallic detail as closure of the sneaker.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)
“The inspiration for the design based on C-3PO is a mix between the actual character and the original concept art of Ralph Mcquarrie, taking details of shapes and lines of each part of the robot. The style of the jacket is a military style jacket with double sleeve in two styles of leather: a golden metallic with a brown plain. I love this sweatshirt that I did in the sketch because the print resembles to the operating wires in the waist of C-3PO. A straight cut trouser and black boots. For the inspiration with R2-D2 is simpler for the nature of the character. A bomber jacket with details in different blue tonalities that R2-D2 has on its body, a knit sweatshirt, worn jeans, and sneakers.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)
“In the design: A leather bomber jacket in red with golden spikes on sleeves that resemble his horns, black details and black studs in the front of the jacket like his face. A white knit sweater with black mesh tank top above it. A cotton dark grey trouser with double closure and military style boots.” (Photo: Gale Rosse)

Lingerie by Yekaterina Burmatnova

We’ve seen Star Wars logos and iconic symbols slapped onto underwear and primarily marketed towards boys and men, but what about Star Wars inspired lingerie for women? Fashion and costume designer Yekaterina Burmatnova took it upon herself to combine elements of Star Wars and lingerie and create an intimate apparel collection because “why not?” she wrote in her Instagram post. The results are out of this world, with pieces taking inspiration from Darth Vader, stormtroopers, and even Darth Maul. To discover more of her work, explore her fashion galleries and follow her on Instagram.

(Photo: Yekaterina Burmatnova)
(Photo: Yekaterina Burmatnova)

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  1. Great blog and Thanks for including me here and also for the feedback. All the designs are beautiful!

  2. I want everything on this page especially the Captain Rex sweater by Emma. That’s fantastic

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