A Year of ‘Star Wars’ Podcasts: Looking Back at 2015

Svenska: BSPC 18 i Nyborg Danmark 2009 by Johannes Jansson

Looking back, 2015 was another exciting year for Star Wars podcasting. I had the pleasure of joining podcast recordings with Rebels Report, Fangirls Going Rogue, and Making Star Wars at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this past April. I also branched out on my own and created a Star Wars geek fashion podcast, Galactic Fashion, while also continuing to podcast with my mom in Rebels Chat. Galactic Fashion, in particular, will be undergoing new and exciting changes in the new year, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a collection of podcasts that I had the fortune of participating in this past year.

Podcasts from 2015 

Title: The WolfPack Podcast (now known as First Order Transmissions: A Star Wars Podcast)
: April 23, 2015
Description: We recorded this episode of The WolfPack Podcast before we went to Anaheim. This is our pre-Celebration predictions with guest Johnamarie Macias.
Listen: YouTube

Title: Tosche Station Radio #115: Bad Batch
Published: May 8, 2015
Description: Johnamarie Macias from The Wookiee Gunner joins is to continue our ongoing Celebration recap! Today we discuss The Clone Wars news out of the convention. Do be sure to watch the Bad Batch arc on the official site!
Listen: Website

Title: Greatest Star Wars Podcast in the World, Episode #2
Published: September 27, 2015
Description: In this episode, Magnús & Jared are joined by Johnamarie Macias & JOHNNY GRASSO to discuss a million things. Read more.
Listen: Website

Title: Radio Free Tatooine, Episode 51: Jango Jeans – Trailer talk with Johnamarie & Saf
Published: October 20, 2015
Description: We’re joined by Johnamarie Macias and Saf totally about A) tickets, B) Rebels, and C) THE NEW THE FORCE AWAKENS TRAILER!!!!! Listen to us geek out over our favorite moments.
Listen: Website

Title: Star Wars Geek Girl: The Sabines Have the Girls Over, Episode 10
Published: November 11, 2015
Description: Zoe and Lizzy host a round table of girl fans. Guests include: Johnamarie Macias (Creator of Wookiee Gunner, The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, Galactic Fashion), Emily Schram (501st – Old Line Garrison Lady Rex CC-9529), Jessica Linn (501st Member Garrison Carida IG 52414, Jessica’s Cosmic Critter Creations), Becca Chen (501st Member TB 17435 – Garrison Carida’s Charity Representative)
Listen: SoundCloud

Title: Hyperspace Theories, Episode 14: Lost Stars, Rebels, and Diana Williams
Published: November 25, 2015
Description: Johnamarie Macias from The Wookiee Gunner joins Tricia Barr, B.J. Priester, and Geek Kay for a wide-ranging discussion on storytelling in Star Wars. Read more.
Listen: Website

Here are the podcasts from last year.

Featured Image CreditJohannes Jansson

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