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Zeb Orrelios Finds Others of His Kind in “Legends of the Lasat”

Star Wars Rebels, "Legends of the Lasat" Zeb Orrelios and the Ghost Crew

Background stories for members of the Ghost crew continue to be fleshed out in the next all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels. We recently saw Sabine’s Mandalorian heritage play a crucial part in gathering new allies for the growing rebel alliance. Next up, “Legends of the Lasat” will focus on Zeb’s past and the Lasats’ mysterious relationship with the Force.

In this new episode, the Ghost crew agree to help two refugees escape the Empire. In the process of liberating them, they discover that the two refugees are surviving Lasat. This surprising development forces Zeb to come to terms with his past as he helps his people reach their new home.

On previous occasions, Zeb gave us the impression that he was the last of his kind. We recently saw it in “Always Two There Are” when he was stuck in the vent and said that he didn’t want to die that way because he was the only one left. Given what he said, it’s so interesting to see Zeb visibly distant about seeing two surviving Lasat. I would have imagined him hugging Gron and Chava in sheer joy at finding more of his people. Not only that, but he’s also kept other details of his past secret from his fellow crew members. Granted, the others have secrets of their own, but Zeb looks as if he almost feels ashamed. I wonder if survivor’s guilty is at play or whether he feels like he didn’t do enough when his people were being eradicated.

“Honor Guard, feared rebel, baby hunter. At least I’m good at one of those things,” he said in “The Future of the Force” while he was on the hunt to find a Force sensitive child. It’s a funny line, but when you think about it, maybe Zeb doesn’t consider himself to be worthy of the position he used to hold as part of the Honor Guard. Whatever the case may be, Zeb’s definitely hiding something.

“By the Ashla, the prophecy!” exclaimed Chava.

Prophecy? Is Captain Zeb supposed to be some sort of savior for the Lasats? What is certain is the fact that Zeb isn’t all that happy to see the elderly woman. It seems her reputation precedes her, so I look forward to discovering how Zeb knows her. And like so many others, I was hoping that Chava was Zeb’s grandmother. Zeb had originally talked about her in Rise of the Rebels and recently mentioned her in issue #10 of the Kanan comic book series. If she’s still alive and well, I hope we get to see her down the line in another Zeb-focused episode.

Also, I’m completely surprised to see Hondo Ohnaka in the mix. It is random, but it’s also most welcome, since he’s a fan favorite and his one-liners are simply the best.

“Legends of the Lasat” airs on Wednesday, February 3, at 9:00PM EST on Disney XD.

Images from the upcoming episode, “Legends of the Lasat”. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

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