Nendo’s Minimalist ‘Star Wars’ Collection Includes Jewelry

Japanese design studio Nendo has transformed familiar Star Wars characters and objects into abstract 3-D shapes for a variety applications, including kitchenware and jewelry.

“Many character goods have been made based on the film, with many based on 2D image manipulation,” said Nendo. “So we wanted to open up new possibilities by creating a simplified 3D form. For example, a consecutive repetition of Darth Vader’s concave eyes and mouth turned the object into the instantly recognizable character from every angle.”

The collection, consisting of 16 abstract representations, was designed for sale at Tokyo’s Seibu-Sogo department store.

(Photo: Akihiro Yoshida)
(Photo: Akihiro Yoshida)
(Photo: Akihiro Yoshida)
(Photo: Akihiro Yoshida)

(via Dezeen and MOCO LOCO)

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