UPDATED: New ‘Star Wars’ Collection Coming to Loungefly

Loungefly will be releasing a new Star Wars collection later this spring/summer. A new style and items were revealed at WWDMAGIC at the Las Vegas Convention Center, including:

  • C-3PO Tote
  • R2-D2 Backpack
  • BB-8 print handbag
  • Ewok Backpack
  • Messenger-type bag with a floral Star Wars logo

Expect the new collection to be in stock some time in May or June 2016.

(Photo: Loungefly)
(Photo: Loungefly)
(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 2/20/2016: Loungefly recently posted two Instagram photos featuring a stormtrooper print faux leather backpack as well as a R2-D2 tote and matching purse/wallet coming later this spring/summer.

(Photo: Loungefly)
(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 2/21/2016: Today, Loungefly unveiled a BB-8 print handbag and matching purse. A matching backpack can also be seen in the background. Later on, they revealed a handbag featuring a sugar skull Darth Vader and stormtrooper print. Also, another WWDMAGIC attendee spotted new Star Wars backpacks.

(Photo: Loungefly)
(Photo: Loungefly)
(Photo: shirtsnthings)

UPDATE, 2/22/2016: Loungefly gave fans another sneak peek of a character bag from their upcoming Star Wars collection. I’m thinking it’s a close-up of the Ewok backpack’s lower right corner, as seen above.

(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 2/23/2016: Here’s another peek at a new character print backpack coming to Loungefly. It looks very similar to the non-faux leather backpack seen in one of the photos above, so it looks like we’ll be getting two versions featuring the same character print. A second picture was also revealed today of a “Beep Boop” R2-D2 and C-3PO print tote and matching purse.

(Photo: Loungefly)
(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 2/24/2016: These sneak peeks just keep getting better and better. This latest photo by Loungefly is a close-up of a handbag/purse featuring classic characters in the Star Wars logo.

(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 2/25/2016: For the bounty hunter fangirls out there, the latest photo from Loungefly includes a bag and matching wallet/purse featuring Boba Fett.

(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 3/4/2016: After shifting the focus to some of their other brands, Loungefly returned to give fans a sneak peek at the floral stormtrooper tote and matching purse from the upcoming Star Wars collection.

(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 3/7/2016: Loungefly gave us a closer look at the Star Wars character print backpack (non-faux leather). Scroll up to find a look at other similar Star Wars backpacks sporting different styles.

(Photo: Loungefly)

UPDATE, 3/8/2016: Earlier today, Loungefly uploaded a sneak peek of handbag featuring a manga-style print and they reassured fans that the collection will come out in the spring/summer.


3 comments on “UPDATED: New ‘Star Wars’ Collection Coming to Loungefly

  1. I have the Ewok Backpack for sale on ebay right now. It was super hard to find and the only one available for sale online at this time.

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