Rebels Chat: Episode 33, Homecoming

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Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast, where Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels episode, “Homecoming”.

We talk about Hera’s past with her father, the “mother dying” trope, Hera’s accent switching, Kanan’s feelings for Hera and scenes with Cham, Ezra’s training and continued growth with the Force, the relationship between parents and children, and much more!

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You can also listen to this episode over at Audiomack or download (right-click and save) it to your computer.

At 78.7 MB, this episode is about one hour and five minutes long.

2 comments on “Rebels Chat: Episode 33, Homecoming

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  2. TBH, I’m starting to tire of people saying that Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra will die just because there were no other Jedi seen or heard of in the OT.

    EU / Legends had shown that there were a whole bunch of Order 66 survivors (about 90 named survivors, even). This makes Yoda’s statement suspect. The Canon Reset did not automagically make Yoda’s statement to be un-suspect, nor does it make Order 66 suddenly survivor-less.

    If the EU can explain how they survive and not appear in the OT, a similar explanation can easily be applied to SWR.

    Sorry for the rant. I just had to get this out of my chest.

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