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Our Heroes Seek Answers from Lothal’s Jedi Temple in “Shroud of Darkness”

We’re only a few weeks away from the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels, so it’s no surprise that things are starting to take a different turn in the next all-new episode. So far, we’ve been getting closer looks at the characters, like Zeb and Agent Kallus, in order to understand them more as the show continues to move forward. Now, we get to the point where questions need to be answered, like how are the Inquisitors able to continually track down the rebels? For that, Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra travel to Lothal’s Jedi Temple, where they encounter more than what they expected.

Ahsoka’s been missing these past few episodes and for a good reason. She’s a fully developed character, and although her story after leaving the Jedi Order still needs to be told, this isn’t the place to do it. Right now, she’s a connection to Darth Vader and a mentor figure to Ezra. We haven’t seen them interact much, but Ezra respects her and values her wisdom, as we see in this clip.

She and Ezra discuss the legendary Master Yoda, and the discussion opens up the gateway for Ezra to actually see him. When we first saw Yoda in the mid-season two trailer, I thought Yoda’s continued training had allowed him to visibly appear in front of Ezra. It turns out that the opposite happened. Ezra is more powerful than people suspect, but of course, with that power comes great danger.

Also, what happened to Kanan? Although we don’t see him in this clip, he probably vanished the same way Ezra did and he’s experiencing a vision all on his own. (I love how the Force is able to mentally transport them to different locations and test them in different ways.) While Ezra is off talking to Yoda about his future, Ahsoka deals with her emotional past (Matt Lanter returns as the voice of Anakin Skywalker, so expect lots of feelings) and Kanan finds himself in a Jedi training room.

How will these separate experiences test them and help them on their current paths? Find out when “Shroud of Darkness” airs on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, at 9PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

Images from the upcoming episode, “Shroud of Darkness”. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

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