Rebels Chat: Episode 34, The Honorable Ones

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Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast, where Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels episode, “The Honorable Ones”.

We talk about Zeb and Agent Kallus’ interactions throughout the episode, Agent Kallus’ complex character and how he believes that he’s doing good in the name of the Empire, his background stories involving the bo-rifle and Onderon, what sort of future the writers have in mind for him, and much more!

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You can also listen to this episode over at Audiomack or download (right-click and save) it to your computer.

At 8o MB, this episode is about one hour and six minutes long.

4 comments on “Rebels Chat: Episode 34, The Honorable Ones

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  2. Aww… you did not mention Kanan-Hera interaction at the beginning, or the (apparent) Hera placing her hand on Kanan’s back near the end… I’m so sad… ;_;

    Anyways, good podcast & analysis, as always! And yeah, I’m all for Kallus having a key role in Rogue One as the guy who actually copied the Death Star’s blueprints to a thumb drive and hand it over to the Rebels.

    Also, there’s a parallel in the Journey to TFA series: Sinjir in Aftermath was an ISB agent who turned into Rebel informant by the codename “Operator”. In the end, Sinjir joined the Rebels, though. I fear Kallus would have a more… fatal ending.

    • Sinjir! I can’t believe I forgot about him, but yes! I love that he exists because it makes Kallus’ likelihood to help the rebels more believable. Thanks for the compliment on the episode! Sorry we didn’t address the hint of Kanera in there. It must have been super minor! Otherwise, I would have included it!

      • Well, the first one is not really minor… but both of them are quite subtle, one can easily miss.

        Unless one has this hobby of ‘watching’ the show frame-by-frame, which I do… :D

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