Two New ‘Her Universe Press’ Books Available for Pre-Order

Back in October 2015, Ashley Eckstein announced a new publishing initiative called Her Universe Press that would provide an opportunity for new and aspiring female writers to professionally share their stories. The two initial books unveiled were The Confidence Chronicles by Anne Convery and Ashley Eckstein (illustrated by Dave Filoni) and Weirdest by Heather Nuhfer (illustrated by Brenda Hickey).

While The Confidence Chronicles will be released later this summer, Heather Nuhfer’s book is currently available for pre-order.

(Photo: Her Universe Press)

Also available for pre-order are two new books on Amazon!

The first is a coloring book, entitled Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls That Like Stuff, by Katie Cook and Ashley Eckstein (June 7, 2016) and Ash Ridley and the Phoenix by Lisa Foiles (August 2, 2016).

Here are the official book descriptions, as seen on Amazon:

Fangirls: A Coloring Book For Girls Who Like Stuff is the ultimate Fangirl coloring book from Her Universe!

Her Universe is a brand for Fangirls of all ages and this coloring book will be enjoyed by female fans from 1-100! All different types of Fangirls are represented on 50 single-sided pages in this fun, empowering and all-inclusive coloring book written and illustrated by ultimate Fangirls Ashley Eckstein and Katie Cook. 

Ash Ridley and the Phoenix:

A quirky baby bird has bonded with Ash Ridley. It’s a Phoenix, the most powerful beast in all of Cascadia—and he’s hungry, hyperactive, high-maintenance, and hiccups fireballs.

Twelve-year-old Ash waves goodbye to her miserable life as a traveling circus stablehand when she and her feisty bird, Flynn, are whisked away to the Academy of Beasts and Magic. It’s a school where wealthy children train unicorns, manticores, and scarf-wearing ice dragons.

What’s the downside to owning such a highly magical beast? Everyone wants him. When a mysterious sorcerer suggests the Academy may have dark intentions, Ash realizes her tiny bird might be the key to saving Cascadia—or destroying it.

Katie Cook is popularly known for her adorable art and her work on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic and her webcomic, Gronk. Actress and content creator Lisa Foiles is best known for her part in Nickelodeon’s award-winning sketch comedy show All That. Ash Ridley is her first novel.

Looking forward to these two books when they come out later in the summer as well as what other books Her Universe Press has in store for fangirl readers!

2 comments on “Two New ‘Her Universe Press’ Books Available for Pre-Order

  1. Chaney Hunt

    I can’t wait to buy both of these books! They look so good. ;D

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