New Her Universe ‘Star Wars’ Dress with Pockets Coming Soon

(Photo: Ashley Eckstein)

A new Star Wars collection by Her Universe is definitely on the way. Ashley Eckstein unveiled a never-before-seen Star Wars dress through an Instagram video on March 2, 2016.

She wrote, “Doing a photo shoot with [Kelsey Edwards Photography] and [Elle Michelle]. We’re doing a happy dance because our dresses have pockets!”

Pockets are always a must, so it’s great to see them being incorporated into the Her Universe apparel.

For those curious about pockets and geek fashion, I highly recommend listening to episode 7 of Galactic Fashion, where Catherine Elhoffer talks about how pockets are an attractive and practical feature in clothing.

The skater dress itself features a comic book art print. It’s hard to tell whether the art is from the old Marvel comics or from the recent comics. Personally, I would prefer the latter, since print fabric featuring the old Marvel Star Wars comic art has been overused. Chances are, though, the art is from the old comics, but it’s great seeing it being used in a interesting and colorful print.

(Photo: Elle Michelle)

In a separate photo shoot, Ashley revealed the new Han Solo cardigan, where she wore a button-up blue cardigan with the traditional red stripes down the sleeves. The cardigan also featured the text “Never Tell Me The Odds” down the left side.

While the comic art dress is cute, I have my eyes currently set on the Han Solo cardigan, since it’s an item I’d be able to wear in an office-like environment.

(Photo: Ashley Eckstein)

The Her Universe team also has other exciting items coming out in the near future. Photographer Kelsey Edwards shared a picture on her Instagram that revealed a small rack of clothes that will be coming soon to the online shop. One item that stood out was the exclusive Deadpool fashion top that was designed for the Her Universe and Lootcrate collaboration announced in February 2016.

(Photo: Kelsey Edwards)

5 comments on “New Her Universe ‘Star Wars’ Dress with Pockets Coming Soon

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  3. Yea for pockets! My mom always adds pockets to the steampunk skirts we make and everyone is always saying how awesome it is that we added pockets to the pattern. You have to have pockets!

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