Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Shroud of Darkness

Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels episode, “Shroud of Darkness”.

We talk about Ezra mentally linking with the local wildlife of Oosalon Mesa, Kanan feeling concern about how the Inquisitors keep tracking them down, the visions experienced by Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka, Kanan being knighted, Ezra’s choice to keep fighting, Ahsoka’s meaning when she said, “There’s still a way,” and much more!

Note: Apologies for the sound of my voice. I was recovering from the flu. Because of that, I had to re-record one of my points of conversation, so you’ll hear a difference in audio quality around the 55th minute. Also, I added a last-minute question in there because it was a fun one to answer, so there’s also a change in audio there.

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2 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Shroud of Darkness

  1. Holy Frejoles!
    This Episode was sooooo good.
    Your discussion is really on point.
    I took notes.
    Here are my responses:

    – On the question of the last time Annakin and Ahsoka met, I understood Ahsoka’s line to mean the last time they saw each other was right before Plapatine was about to be arrested. Though, your idea about the Siege of Mandalor being the last time does make a lot of sense.

    – The Second door on the Lothal temple was soo cool. I imagine, in the ancient past of Lothal, when the Temple wasn’t hidden that the upper door was for people riding flying beasts. You two didn’t discuss the paintings that were on the walls of the Jedi Temple and the appearance of humanoids riding huge wolves (or maybe ancient giant loth cats?). To me all this adds up to the idea that using the Force to connect with Animals is something that has a very long tradition on Lothal.

    – Yoda’s new design was AWESOME. Yes, it did not look like other designs but that doesn’t matter because this is the design for Rebels and it works.

    – Ezra appearing in the “Star Field’ to speak with Yoda is beginning to remind me of the teaser images we’ve seen of the Sith Temple of Malachor: darkness all around save points of light shining from up above.

    – Kanan letting go of his attachment to Ezra is the Jedi way. Kanan will follow the Jedi path (though he lost his way for a time).

    – I definitely felt more pain for Ahsoka then any sadness for Anakin. Also, I believe Yoda uses his own memories as well as the memories of those who open themselves to him as the basis for the visions he provides. Yoda knows Annakin is Darth Vader and so it is he who is speaking through Anakin’s voice to test Ahsoka: to try and get her ready for confronting him again. By using the arguments that a Sith Lord would use against Ahsoka, Yoda is preparing here. Additionally, that is how the Grand Inquisitor is present as well: Yoda must have known him while he was a Temple Guard and feeling that presence (now through Kanan) he uses it to teach Kanan a powerful lesson. Everything that happens in the Temple ultimately comes from Yoda.

    – Maria IS Yoda! She is right about the Old Republic, the Jedi chose wrongly, they were consumed by the Dark Side not because they wanted to fight (aka struggle against aggressors to defend people) but because that fight became a WAR. War leads to the Dark Side. Passivity is the Jedi way. The Future is ever unclear. So making snap decisions and taking rash actions is what led the Jedi Order to be consumed by the Dark Side: they were tapping into all the time to fight the Clone War!

    – Yoda saying that the struggle against Fear is a life long task says to me that Yoda realizes HE made a mistake. It was the failure of Yoda (and the rest of the Council) that led to the beginning of the end. I believe the character arc for Yoda is one of the most often overlooked. Yoda has a lot of character growth between the Prequels, Clone Wars, and the OT.

    – You brought up ‘the Will of the Force’ at one point and that topic is so interesting as it deals with Destiny and Fate. Do those things actually exist in the SW Universe? Is everything predetermined? I would say yes and no. Suffice to say, Ezra and Kanan’s Destiny is very difficult to see. Ahsoka’s Fate is pretty clear at this point. Sad face.

    – Kanan being Knighted was, hands down, one of the coolest moments of the entire series.

    – I really like the idea that the temple was ‘poisoned’ by the Dark Siders as they forced it to reveal it’s secrets. The glowing red lines were SOOOO cool / creepy. Really set the tone, visually.

    – I’m really unsure what happened when the ‘Force Ghosts’ of the Temple Guards attacked the Inquisitors. Why weren’t the Inquisitors more hurt? Or was there a mental assault that we didn’t see? What happened to the defeated Temple Guard bodies? Did they just disappear? Also, I feel like the time between the Inquisitor’s arrival and Darth Vader’s arrival is an indeterminate amount of time. At first viewing, I do not believe Vader arrived soon after the Inquisitors but a longer time afterwards.

    – Ezra’s future: difficult to tell but at this point I predict Ezra will leave the Rebellion or be sent on some super secret long term mission that gets him out of the Rebellion’s everyday activities.

    – Kanan’s future: Kanan will leave the Rebellion for sure and go into hiding.

    – “There is still Hope.” Unfortunately, there is no hope until the New Hope arrives. We know how this will play out. Sad face.

    • Hey! So sorry for the late response, but thank you SO much for listening and leaving a comment with so many awesome thoughts! I completely forgot to bring up the paintings at the temple. Gosh, those were so cool, and I’m really loving your theory! It really shows how Ezra is a son of Lothal and still carries that tradition. Love your points about Yoda and how he realized he made a mistake. For him to realize that and accept that truly shows that Yoda is super wise beyond his years. Also, my mom is totally Yoda, haha! And it really is interesting to think about fate and destiny in Star Wars. Anakin fell into a self-fulfilling prophecy, so you could say that what his fate, but if he had chosen to do things differently, he would have had an entirely different result. It’s funny how those kinds of things work. Kanan being Knighted was THE BEST! Truly the best. Just wow. I didn’t see it coming and that made it all the more amazing. I’m so intrigued by what the Temple Guards did to the Inquisitors. I don’t think they were Force Ghosts, but it was definitely Yoda projecting his thoughts onto the Inquisitors. It was definitely something to do with the mind, so they could have been fighting the air, hehe! I’m loving your take on Ezra having a super long mission. Whatever keeps him safe and out of the dark side is fine by me, hehe! I really hope Kanan’s future turns out to be some far more interesting than death. The death theories are so played out. Give me something different, haha! So yeah, I can definitely see him take an Obi-Wan/Yoda approach and lay low until the Force calls.

      Thank you sooooo much for your thoughts and insights. You rock! Hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Rebels! ^_^

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