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Chopper Befriends an Imperial Droid in “The Forgotten Droid”

After the intense emotional ride in last week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels, our heroes return to basic duties, making a quick stop to pick up fuel at an outpost, but Chopper has a different plan in mind.

While the team are away, our favorite astromech goes off and does his own thing. When he’s accidentally left behind during a hasty escape, Chopper manages to stow away in an Imperial freighter. There, he befriends an Imperial navigation droid, recruiting him to the rebel cause and receiving his help in finding a location for the much-needed rebel base.

Some of my favorite episodes from the second half of the season have been the character-driven episodes that expand the story of a particular character as well as contribute to the bigger picture in some way. Chopper has a lot of personality, so it’s great that he’ll be getting a bigger focus in the next all-new episode, and that he’s going to have a companion!

Ever since executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni announced back at the Star Wars Rebels L.A. press conference last fall that Chopper was going to find a friend, I’ve been patiently waiting to see who will be the lucky droid that will be spared from Chopper’s belligerent nature.

And not only will he be befriending an Imperial droid, but he will be demonstrating once again that he’s a rebel and an integral part of the rebel cause. Knowing that the rebels are in desperate need for a location to establish a base, Chopper takes initiative and gathers that information, despite having been accidentally abandoned. I’m sure there’s a reward coming his way!

Watch Chopper have his own adventure when Star Wars Rebels returns with “The Forgotten Droid” on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, at 9PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

Images from the upcoming episode, “The Forgotten Droid”. (Photos: Lucasfilm)

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