Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Knight Dress is Available for Pre-Order

elhoffer-design-logoCostume and geek fashion designer Catherine Elhoffer made jaws drop when she unleashed her collection of dresses inspired by Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the course of a month, she designed dozens of stunning dresses that catered to a variety of women looking to wear geek chic apparel that had subtle elements of the galaxy far, far away.

She even designed a handful of Queen Amidala inspired garments because Catherine is that amazing. As a passionate geek fangirl, she understands what other fans desire when it comes to geek fashion. She listens to the community and she delivers every time.

She designs the kind of attire that we’ve all been craving, and now, you can own your very own Galactic Knight dress!

Catherine unveiled the news on March 15 via social media and here’s what Elhoffer Design had to say:

It’s finally happened! ElhofferDesign has found a Los Angeles-Based factory that can maintain her quality standards for a production run of one of her most popular dresses: The Galactic Knight Dress! Her mini-mass production run will be made in an ethical, local factory that she is proud to partner with.

Inspired by the Knights and Masters of an illustrious galactic religious order, her Galactic Knight dress, sized to curvy women, features the standard ElhofferDesign side seam pocket, is made of a mid-weight beige Techno Scuba and Chocolate Stretch Scuba, and a knee-length, flared skirt.

(Photo: Elhoffer Design)

Catherine has launched the Pre-Order campaign through Etsy and will keep the listing active till March 27th, when she will pull it down and start her production with her factory. Dresses are slated to ship in Mid-May, though she’s personally hoping to ship the dresses in Early May. She ships internationally, as well!

This is a huge move for the independently run apparel company. Production runs mean growth, which means the world will be seeing more pieces soon, and at an even more affordable price. The Galactic Knight dress starts at $200, and prices go up for extended sizes. They go up to size 3X at the moment, but we will see plus sizes from ElhofferDesign if this line sells well.

Elhoffer Design was founded by Catherine Elhoffer to create higher-end apparel for high quality geeks. The geek fashion world is saturated with clothing, but there are still gaps in the market that she hopes to fill by designing and sewing pieces that flatter the body, pulling from modern fashion trends, and helping her fellow geeks of the world to be both stylish and chic (and maybe to fit in amongst the muggles). She prefers a subtle geek nod in her designs, using silhouette, color, texture, and lines to tell the geek story. Catherine hand-makes her custom pieces in her Los Angeles-based studio. Every now and then she can be lured into the menswear world as well, often with cookies.

elhoffer-design-galactic-knight-dress-sketchThe news has caught the attention of many fangirls looking to dress up in beautifully crafted clothes that take inspiration from what they love most. After all, geek fashion has the ability to empower and transform fans and Catherine herself has compared geek clothes to armor. She talks more about the subject as well as her designing experience in the December holiday episode of Galactic Fashion, a podcast dedicated to Star Wars and geek fashion.

If you’re interested in adding this gorgeous dress to your growing collection of geek fashion outfits, visit Elhoffer Design’s Etsy shop. As previously stated, make sure you do it soon, since pre-orders end on March 27.

Also, make sure to support Catherine by following her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

She shares a lot of her work-in-progress dresses as well as other exciting behind-the-scenes looks, like the recent photo shoot she had with Chloe Dykstra and photographer Israel David Groveman.

Finally, stop by Catherine’s official site to browse through the portfolio and sketches of her past work. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love with her and her style–if you haven’t already!

2 comments on “Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Knight Dress is Available for Pre-Order

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  2. I love her stuff. Totally worth the money, I think. Except I’m the opposite of curvy so I’m not sure how well they would fit on me.

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