Her Universe Press Unveils “Weirdest Fan of the Month” at WonderCon 2016


Those seeking writing advice and looking to professionally publish their original stories attended the Her Universe Press panel at WonderCon 2016. The imprint announced new books, including Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls That Like Stuff by Katie Cook and Ashley Eckstein, which is currently available for pre-order and scheduled to be released on June 7, 2016.

Author Heather Nuhfer was also at the panel promoting the first book from Her Universe Press coming out on May 3 and also available for pre-orderWeirdest.

The story: Veronica McGowan is a typical, unremarkable, average thirteen-year-old desperate to be an “Est”- cutest, smartest, funniest. One night, Veronica plots a way to become cool, wishing something-anything-about her would change, making her an “Est.” The next morning, Veronica wakes up expecting another ordinary day of teenage anonymity, only to make a mortifying discovery: Her strongest, most embarrassing emotions physically manifest themselves in weird ways and come to life for the whole world to see!

In preparation for the big day, Ashley Eckstein unveiled a new initiative called #IAmWeirdest. Fans are encouraged to download and submit a Weirdest template (available at Her Universe Press) that’s customized to highlight your Weirdest powers, traits, and the qualities that make you wonderful. Once the template is completed, fans are asked to share the result on Instagram using the #IAmWeirdest hashtag. Every month, Ashley Eckstein will choose one drawing, name that fan “Weirdest Fan of the Month”, and the lucky fan will receive an autographed copy of Weirdest signed by Nuhfer and Eckstein.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the box below to be transported over to Her Universe Press to complete your own Weirdest template. Also, make sure to pre-order Weirdest and keep an eye out for an audio version of the book, which will include the voice of James Arnold Taylor.

In the meantime, follow Her Universe on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as Heather Nuhfer on Twitter and Instagram.


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