New Loungefly ‘Star Wars’ Backpacks Available for Pre-Order

OC Collectibles, a gift shop in Anaheim, California, is currently taking pre-orders for the new Loungefly Star Wars backpacks unveiled earlier this year at WWDMAGIC. Along with new totes and purses, the backpacks will be released later this spring and summer. The backpack styles include a cartoon character print featuring classic characters, a R2-D2 comic art print that matches the tote and purse from the same collection, a stormtrooper helmet artwork print, an Imperial tattoo print (that is similar to the popular flash tattoo print), and a X-wing vs. TIE fighter space battle print.

For any questions or pre-orders, private message OC Collectibles. Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

(Photo: OC Collectibles)
(Photo: OC Collectibles)
(Photo: OC Collectibles)
(Photo: OC Collectibles)
(Photo: OC Collectibles)

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